While I don’t have my driver’s license back, or a car, I have been getting around a little bit since two weekends ago. I have seen THE MARTIAN (very, very good) and SPECTRE (last night, also very, very good) I am remembering a conversation I had many months ago about selling chess collectibles such as hi-grade chess sets of value. Staunton design only.

When I got home from the movie last night I was hungry. So I fixed a couple of my Mom’s “Toastwiches.” Totally, amazing. They tasted so good I made one more. I was taking it easy, finally. I’ve felt more free, about 95% freer lately as my body has been repairing itself. What kind of “free”?

Taking it easier for one. I hired a lady to help me get all my filing caught up. She’s brilliant. She knew what she was doing and I could keep working on what I was doing and she only works on Saturdays for a few hours (4-5).

So, hopefully I can pay even more attention to my customers now that I am feeling about 95%. I left physical therapy 2 weeks ago. My therapist said, “Bob, you look great. When you first came in, your arm was a wreck.” (I was too!)

Now I am swamped (thank yous to my customers). I’ve shipped a lot of books but only 2-3 packages a day, 3 times a week, larger orders too.

Finally, after two months, a number of my Grand Turk sets have shown up, in multi-color boxes. Nicely weighted and absolutely gorgeous! As  I mentioned in the first paragraph, I was talking about collectibles to a cool guy, named Nate, Nate Rifkin. He’s had some successes (in other fields, not chess). He mentioned the “snob” approach, the “I own something you don’t” appeal. Aren’t their “chess snobs” he asked?

I said, a few. In chess the “snobbery” approach is mostly limited to chess ratings as as, “I finally made ‘master.’ What’re you still doing, Class C?” That’s nasty isn’t it? I’ve known several low-rated masters who are like that, their “imperial air.” Even my “friend” Art Bisguier could be that way (not a low-rated master but a GM).

So how do I market the Grand Turk? And to who? First I present the Turk for what it is: glorious, beautiful, eye-catching, virtually perfect and made of budrosewood, about as good as it gets (I like it 10X better than ebony). It’s in the same class as the Craftsman, but it’s a heckuva lot more affordable IF you think $995 is more affordable!? Not everyone lives off of what I get from Social Security. There are people who can afford $995.00. I am just letting you know that there was indeed a price increase since my last listing this fall. I had warned you but I have a number of sets with green felt on the bottom of the bases $925.00., and the ones with the black leather bases for $995 so that you can have your initials stamped on the bottom by a jeweler. The boxwood pieces have their own colorful box as do the budrosewood pieces with the King standing 4 inches in height. (Normal.) But, it’s the Knight which is astounding. Strong, great grain, perfect symmetry on the Knight’s mane, baring its teeth with a solid jawline and breast. I have more information on this and several affordable plans. To get that, send me an email to: If you should decide to get one, I have a FREE Bonus gift valued near $50 to go with your set. It’s called “The Turk’s Strongbox” and includes buffing cloths, and British Museum Hi-Grade wax for the budrosewood pieces. Shipping in the USA is $35 which includes insurance

One Other Thing

In the October issue of my Newsletter I pictured 10 chess sets. Two are already sold, leaving 8. If you want to see what I have, priced from like $89 through $295 (?) just request it at: and I will whisk one your way. Very nice pieces in boxwood, rosewood, ebony, etc. Great sets from a chess customer’s collection… no junk. And it is also wooden in the Stauntion pattern. They are one onlies and for those who are also on SSI. I got my Grand Turk set years ago before it had that name.

I intended to get some electronic chess clocks from Germany, but other than my initial contact, I never heard anything further from Garde. If I can get enough interest, I will begin offering clocks again, just the good stuff, in wood and circuits!

Make yourself known chess dude. Drop a line.


Bob Long

Selling Hi-Grade Chess books and other things since 1969.



  1. Hey buddy, glad to read about your progress and present improving condition! I know this has been a long recovery for you, since I know how much you love just sitting/laying around (joking of course). Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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