On Monday I will tell you what The Chess Butler has been doing, what the book chess world has been up to.

New books, older books, DVDs, what’s on my mind.

The Chess Sets recently advertised are disappearing.

Another Morphy’s Times and Games is coming.

Lots of stuff.

Bring your friends over to this Blog.

Maybe on Sunday or Tuesday I can check out SPECTRE.

I’d like a ham sandwich and a cup of tomato soup.

Get Smerdon’s SCANDINAVIAN. I have 7 in stock.



PS: My physical therapy will be finished this Monday! Hurrah. Am almost caught up with orders!



  1. Question for bobthechesser….Why does it take 2 months for books by Quality, New In Chess, or Everyman Chess to make it to the USA? Always wondered why since in no way it takes 2 months to ship them to resellers in the USA. Thank you in advance Bob for the answer. You are the best, keep healing and I know 2016 will be a fantastic year for you. Mike Vuolo

  2. Mike I suspect your question is more complicated than my answer. Perhaps you could reword it??
    Some resellers do what Chess Digest did, they had books airlifted. Plus, there are all kinds of shenanigans with customs, Fedex, etc. (that means a misapplication of customs forms or “lying”
    to the authorities).
    My question is simple: Why is there such a hurry to get a particular book?

    • Not that important, was more curious than anything. Do not reply, just work on BNL. I don’t want to be responsible in holding it up since I can’t wait to get it and print it out!!!!

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