In a few weeks the owner of the big collection (a complete run from 1881-2007) of British Chess Magazine in hardbound condition (except for 1971 year which was only paperback) will be by to pick up these volumes. Condition was quite good, including leather bounds. Have had these for 4 years. You just don’t find these in your grocery store!

Sumptuously loaded with news, games, articles, and photos. Perfect for research and other mind-boggling reasons.

Lately I had it listed at $24,000 and there were no takers. Of course I don’t have as big of a list as I used to. So now I am entertaining “offers.”

Contact moi at 563-271-6657.




One thought on “FINAL OFFER

  1. Wow what a collection. Good luck with selling it. If you can’t no one in North America can. Then and only then maybe the seller might realize that collecting hobbies have gone down in the last 20 years with the new generations. Generation X’ers and Millennials collect very little never mind they also buy very little hard copies of books, the e reader is the way they go. Also as the internet and communication grew the price decreased of many items.
    Not saying its not worth it and not knocking collecting as I love the hobby of collecting chess books. It’s just one saying holds true now and 30 years from now. “THINGS CHANGE” What was worth 30K 20 years ago might be worth 4K today, just saying.

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