AND IT WILL START SHIPPING on Monday and Tuesday of the coming week to those who have pre-ordered it.

493 pages of bone crushing games and analyses in the dangerous Portuguese and Icelandic Gambits.

I’ve never seen anything like it and written by Australian GM David Smerdon.

You’ll now think twice before playing 1.e4 and “hoping” for 1…c5.

There’s a NEW GUY in town. Retails for $34.95.

Get this bad boy for $29.75 plus $5.50 for shipping in the USA. If you buy another chess book from The Chess Butler from issue 194-195, or 196, or 197 of Bob’s News Letter get a 20% discount on the books plus free shipping in the USA. Issue #197 will BECOME AVAILABLE THIS COMING WEEK.

This could well be the Book of the Year.

Send order and/or payment to:

The Chess Butler

1524 LeClaire St.

Davenport, IS 52803

Payment by check, Money Order, or credit card to the Chess Butler.

You will want this. 15 copies available right now.

STARTS OUT 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 2.Nf6 and then, all hell breaks loose!



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