Should you have seen the movie PAWN SACRIFICE you will note the black swivel chair Fischer used to play from. It was a Herman Miller chair, high end stuff. Spassky had a straight-back type of chair which he eventually exchanged for one like Fischer had.

Then later the Soviets thought there might be an electronic device in it to help Fischer (give me a break, but the Russians, and Spassky, thought something nefarious was going on because how else could you explain Fischer being so many points ahead in the match). They hadn’t yet discovered that Fischer was colossally strong by 1972.

The story goes back to Grand Rapids, MI where the Drueke company was located. And apparently also the Herman Miller furniture. Fischer recognized the BEST when he had sat in such a chair (Petrosian match?) when in South America. The Icelanders had one flown to Iceland from Grand Rapids. What a sleek “Mo-chine” it was!

The Herman Miller artisan was asked to explain what might be in the chair the Soviets were uptight about. It’s funny and you can read it right at this link.

“A bullet?” you ask.

Fischer wanted only to sit in an Eames executive chair. A chair that now has a retail price of $3,319!! That’s comfort.

It’s still in production in Zeeland, MI.

The Other Furniture

Some time ago, maybe last year, I made a big deal out of our Grand Turk Chess Set, and a storage  box (called a casket to put it in). I remarked that when it came to exquisite furniture, something like that in a living room, or coffee table, would be a killer centerpiece for any home and I wasn’t joking. I can’t buy these sets on demand as I only request the best set from my carvers. Shortly I will be producing a brochure for this set, if I have time (!) for the Christmas crowd. If you want to blow the socks off of guests, friends, and other chess players, this set will do it. I won’t masquerade this, it’s pricey. I have seen similar sets in boxwood and ebony but none in budrosewood and boxwood. The detail shows you the “details” when you start comparing, and it is then that you find, NO COMPARISON. I have a few coming in with black leather bases or green felt bases. Theoretically they will be here in a couple weeks and are reminiscent of that old saying, “You get what you pay for.” I will have a BONUS that goes along with this set, a polishing cloth and a jar of the best wax around to bring the lustre you want of the dark pieces. Write if you are interested in such a brochure. ask for Bob.


from my great grandson Jack and his great grandfather Bob.


3 thoughts on “THE VALUE OF “FURNITURE”

  1. Hi Bob,

    Once you are feeling a bit better maybe you will be able to use that air ticket. You are always welcome here!


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Bob, I bought the Grand Turk chess set last year. It sets on my Drueke table in my front study. Best investment, and constant enjoyment I’ve ever had (except for my wife)!
    Gary White

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