In the past couple weeks I have read just about every review published on Google News of this Chess Movie.

Some were enlightening, some were from the “intelligentsia” and “literary warblers,” and some were just a good read. The best of the GOOD READS was today in the Albuquerque Journal.

It was from Richard Roeper who is known for his movie reviews through the Universal Press Syndicate.

He asks us to think “Rocky III” at  the chess table. A nice metaphor.

He tells us the movie was created so that if you didn’t know much about chess that was okay because in a way, it really wasn’t about chess. Roeper thinks this is Maguire’s best performance and he doesn’t care for Maguire that much. But he really rocks when it comes to Liev Schreiber’s as Spassky “deserves best supporting actor consideration (see for yourself).” The Academy doesn’t seem to think this way. Lots of actors and former actors aren’t too hot about playing chess unless it is Bogart and he was probably NEVER a supporting actor!

I got a kick out of the last line of the review: “As a stand-alone work of fiction, however, ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ is one of the best movies of the year.”

Thanks Richard.


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