FROM ALLAN SAVAGE: Your blog from 9/28 mentions my game with Spassky — nice memory!  But I played him in Hollywood FL (1985 US Open) — not Iceland. (though I did participate in the Reykjavik Open in 1982. Recall I interviewed Korchnoi there (who was visiting) for your Chess Atlas which I was editing at the time.)

from Bob: Ah yes, THE CHESS ATLAS another one of my chess publications, 21 issues. Senior Master Allan Savage was doing the editing.


WORKING like crazy to get it done by Sept. 30. Am almost there but haven’t proofread it. So it will go out on October 1 most likely. Sorry about that. Been finishing up a lot of doctor appointments.

BACK ORDERS. Will be sending those out soon when all back orders are received by me. I’ll take care of you, as I really appreciate all you. Sales from the July-Aug. issue were the best ever. Buying two instead of one helped both of us!


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