Pawn Sacrifice is not being shown this weekend in the Quad-Cities, and probably never. Whoever “runs” RAVE CINEMAS apparently figures no one will show up… but I have been to movies where hardly anyone showed except me! You should see the list of what IS playing… totally unimpressive.

Back to Dr. appointments and shipping books!


Yesterday I sent a “quickie” newsletter out to 600 people. Some responded!

And what did they primarily want? The Collected Works of Emanuel Lasker by Whyld and Tukmakov’s RISK & BLUFF IN CHESS. Pancake hot. Have a couple left, more on order.

Look at yesterdays’ list. Was also told today that Smerdon’s Scandinavian should be in the warehouse today. She translated that for me as “next week.”


PS: If you see Pawn Sacrifice, let me know what you think and believe… that is, YOUR thoughts!



    • Sorry you see it that way Greg. I was standing two feet from Boris when I met him at lunch in 1972. The job the make up people did on Schreiber’s face, nose, and wavy hair is spot on. Plus, Schreiber talked like a true Russian and not that halting stumbling stuff you see in most movies. Yes, Schreiber is taller than Maquire but most of the time you don’t see them standing together. I’ve seen the trailer for Steve Jobs and Fassbender is brilliant even though they could have cut his hairline back some more. Now it has become apparent to me, that when one can’t find a “replicant” you have to go with the acting. Reports I have read were that Schreiber was incredible and Toby maybe just a little over the top (apparently to make a point). The character of Lombardy looks almost all made up to me. I don’t remember this from Lombardy (quite pudgy) in Iceland at all. Fischer was pushing him around all over the place and Lombardy was replaced by Kavalek. I don’t know where Zwick dug that up.

  1. “Pawn Sacrifice” is showing this weekend at a theater very close to me. I will be going at some point and will provide a full report of my thoughts and reactions. 🙂

  2. Saw “Pawn Sacrifice” today in Iowa City. I liked the movie. I would estimate that there were a dozen people in the theater watching the movie and most of them were over 60 years old. The movie covered the years of Fischer’s childhood to his match with Spassky .
    Much of the movie is from Fischer’s perspective and presented so you look inside his mind as he battles his mental illness. I must admit that I was moved to tears several times witnessing the destruction of a genius as he sought the world title. I also realized where the title of the movie came from: Bobby Fischer was the pawn that was sacrificed by the government to fight soviet Russia. Rest In Peace Bobby!

  3. Thanks Steve! I am going to Iowa City with my son Nate tomorrow morning. I hope we evade the football traffic. Nothing trumps football in Iowa City…boring! Hope to make the 10:30 viewing.
    I knew a long time ago that Fischer was angry with the Jews and hustlers in his early days (in NYC, etc.) who promised him money, riches, etc. for doing simuls etc. and they just took advantage of his youth and naiveté leaving him with the short end of the stick. I wonder if the movie covers that. A major reason Fischer didn’t trust anyone. I remember an incident where he sold books with his name on them, maybe Cleveland, Peoria, someplace, so he could get a room to sleep. How B.S. When I brought celebs to my Chess Festivals, I paid for their travel, their transportation, and accommodations. I didn’t pay for their food, some of these guys could eat a horse. These hustlers really wanted it all at some kids’ expense.

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