The movie “Pawn Sacrifice” is not playing this weekend here in the Quad-Cities!

So, like many of you I will have to wait until Sept. 25th, locally, to see the film Pawn Sacrifice. The New Yorker magazine had an interesting review. The author found all kinds of faults with it, but he recognized the problems of the subject and thought, overall, it did its job. I think that’s the way Andy Soltis felt too.


I’ve been following the Baku World Cup and its extraordinary outings and results. Yesterday there was predictions of who would pass through. Some GMs like to live on the edge. It didn’t work for Ivanchuk. If you are a betting person you need a strong stomach as well as wallet!


Went to the Heart Institute this morning. After a couple of hours they told me that I have Syncope. The brain fails to adequately regulate the body’s blood pressure and/or heart rate. While common in adolescents it may occur at any age. There are a number of things I can do to prevent such spells from occurring including the drinking of plenty non-caffeinated drinks–juice, water, or sports drinks. Increase the use of table salt. There’s a good chance I will be able to drive again the nurse told me… but fat chance at this time since my car was totaled. I work as a chess slave so saving for a car will be an extraordinary feat! I did that once due to rental property I no longer have. But I am feeling better, thank God.


Just in: GM Vladimir Tukmakov’s RISK & BLUFF IN CHESS is full of great stories and 106 over-the-top interesting games. Once I started reading it was hard to put down. $26.95 before the discounts. It’s about the Art of Taking Calculated Risks.

The second book has an awkward title: The Lazy Man’s Sicilian by Valeri Bronznik and Steve Giddins. 222 pages. The idea of the “Lazy Man” has been used before and in some cases, rather successfully, by the likes of Joe Karbo when it came to making lots of money. IM Gary Lane wrote a positive review of this book in the latest issue of BCM. He “twitches” in a couple places when he appends: “Of course, no opening is quite as easy to learn as the publicity might suggest because there are transpositions and critical lines just like any other line.” The retail price is LOW, $22.95 before any discounts. Like the above book, in stock.


Still down, may be up this afternoon. Call Bob at 563-271-6657 if you need something. Check my Blog Posts (this one!) for updates. I can receive your emails, I just can’t yet reply to them!


One thought on “EVERYWHERE ELSE!

  1. For those of us who were actively involved with organized chess during the “Fischer Boom” of the ’70’s, I can tell you first hand that we knew we were living through some important chess history! The ’72 championship games were the subject at many meetings at the University of Iowa club I frequented. Fischer was a legend in almost everyone’s mind. And how many of us began our games with 1. e4 because of Bobby!? For anyone who takes the game seriously, this movie is a “must see!”


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