Thanks to all who have been commenting.

Last night I went to NPR because they had a slot with Robert Siegel (an excellent commenter) and GM Andy Soltis. Siegel asked questions that Soltis knew the answer to from playing him and chess in the 60s. Soltis pointed out a couple things in the movie (which he had already seen!) which were inaccurate or made up but he said, on the whole, it was well done.

Chess players can be a surly lot at times. GENIUS AT CHESS author GM Jonathan Levitt writes about “attitudes” in his book. Some will go see this movie if it is at their local theater, others wouldn’t drive 25 miles to see it. I’m in between. It depends on the movie, the stars, and maybe reviews. I tend to go at night but lately, I’ve gone in the morning.

Hope you enjoy it.

I’m going next week!

P.S.   P.S.   P.S.   P.S.   P.S.

For some reason, my email isn’t working. I don’t know who to blame so I won’t. But, if you need something, you can call me (563-271-6657). Or you can write: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, Iowa 52803

Like most of you. I never know how long this will take to get fixed. You can try from time to time. In the meantime, restocks and new books are coming. I am working on the Sept. issue of Bob’s News Letter.

The idea of a new email address has been weighing on my mind for sometime. I have no idea why, but some believe I have more than one email address. I don’t, it’s been: for years. I’m also working on workshops and a special event Oct. 23-24 for a select few, those who bought air tickets to the Chess Festival and were unable to get refunds. PLEASE contact me!



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