I have gotten good feedback on asking who is going to see PAWN SACRIFICE.

I do appreciate that, it means I don’t make these posts for nothing.

But, while some read my posts they reply in private emails. If you could answer the blog post ON the Blog, that would be more efficient for everyone.

I found last night that Nate is going to take me as a BD present next week so naturally I am hoping it plays for more than a week.

I’ve seen all the trailers but found a new one on Vanity Fair about Liev Schreiber, the actor who plays Spassky. His Russian was very good. No pauses, no hesitation, no crummy accents. He was coifed to look a lot like Spassky even though Schrieber is a big man. His presence will help the film,

A few readers said the film may not be playing in their area but they might branch out to another city. The “authenticity” of the staging is exactly as I remember it except for the “suited gentlemen” in the audience. Those with suits sat further back, in the event Fischer might explode!?

Whatever the case, most intend to see it. I just had a house customer a few minutes ago who didn’t even know about it and didn’t indicate he would see it because he’s not into movies.

For me, when I was younger, movies like that spurred me on to do my best and work hard. Movies are my most relaxing form of entertainment.

If any of you go to see it tell me what you think on this forum. And hey, honest reviews please. Zwick, the director, is making an honest attempt. It’s so tiresome to see negative reviews by some on Amazon who have never had a good word to say about anything or anyone. Amazon should just dump those people. I secretly believe many of them never read the book under scrutiny! Or are just overly impressed with what they have to say. In other words, NO NEWS!





  1. I do believe that if people wait till the 25th of September it will be in smaller areas as in my small county here in Wisconsin. It will be playing only in select markets till then. The Marcus chain which is big in Wisconsin can not even tell me today if it will be playing on Friday Sept 25th. Of course I think the person answering the telephone knows less than what I find on the internet. In fact they haven’t even heard of the movie yet. Really does not instill confidence but then what does these days.

  2. I hope to see the movie, but so far it is not listed as being here in Iowa City. The clips I have seen looked quite interesting. Hope you
    have a great 70th Birthday. My 70th was in July.

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