I am back from another physical therapy session. Amy tells me I am doing well! That’s good news.

Then I come home, see what’s going on in the Sinquefield, and take a small nap.

What are my impressions?

  1. Maurice Ashley does a fine job explaining what the engines are showing. Seirawan asks for explanations and Ashley spins them out. Jennifer Shahade, a master herself adds color, commentary and analyses. Shahade and Seirawan and Ashley work well together!
  2. Production values are high.
  3. The interviews are good too. Here we see the elated winners and the lows of the losers.
  4. Ramirez has some fun moments such as the crazy bullet chess with the chessmen in front of the Hall of Fame.
  5. Yesterday Kasparov showed but like usual he talked quite long. As I felt myself going to sleep, I worked on something else.
  6. All in all, it would have been great to have been there. St. Louis is an interesting city but when the sun is out there it can make you wilt.


Giving a deeper piece of publicity to the new Watson & Schiller book, “Taming Wild Chess Openings” seems to have worked as a number of books disappeared from the shelves! Thanks guys. You won’t regret having the book. Here’s what friend and customer Joe Byrnes had to say!

“Hi Bob… Saw your blog today, and I would like to order a copy of Taming Wild Chess Openings. Just the name of some of them makes me want to play them. Then when i’m talking to some other players, I can say something like, “Let me show you my game in the Orthoschnapp Gambit. I like John Watson, I think he does a good job of explaining things. Thanks Bob.”

To celebrate Seirawan’s commentary I found a Chess Informant monograph by Yasser Seirawan called B13 for the Caro-Kann. 95 pages of a book in like mint condition. Would you pay $20? If so send to Bob Long at 1524 Leclaire St., Davenport, IA 52803 because it is from my library.

Another book I probably shouldn’t sell is by Karpov, from that same series. This is one on the Benko Gambit A58-59. 115 pages, almost new. It has been autographed but I can’t interpret the signature!? This book has the secrets. I want $20 for this one too. Please add $4 for each one for shipping. Maybe in the future I will have some more special sales from my library.

One customer may be interested in sending me items from his library. Books I don’t particularly want are opening books! Sorry. Treatises, match books, game collections, endgame, middle game books have some resale value.

That’s all for now. If you have our Bob’s News Letter 194-195 I am still taking orders from it. Most popular is the biographical series on Tal, and the Monster hit of the ear, “Python Strategy” by Tigran Petrosian even though I have since been told that many of the annotated games appeared in Eduard Shekhtman’s books on Petrosian in a rather lackkustre format!

People are still asking about “meets’ in 2016 and even before the end of the year here. For 2015 I am still assessing my left arm.

I gotta go… time for another physical therapy session. Thanks for your orders.


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