YES, I regret to say. some work will be involved, but it’s mostly research. And, the judging will be by me, Bob Long.

But it’s “web research” (surfing) which it seems like a lot of people do anyway! Maybe their regular job is not exciting enough!

Over the years I have met with web site designers and the result was not pretty. Pedestrian ideas, or inability to finish the project in a timely fashion. Know it alls who know nothing.

I’ve also met “inexpensive” creators from India. If I do all the work, they will come up with something. I admit to being prejudiced against Word Press (what my blog is done under) only because I haven’t seen anything interesting!

Imagination leaves a ton to be desired! Clearly I’ve met the wrong people.

Can you show me a website I might use as a template for my own and explain why you like it?

If chosen I will wing $100 bill to you. Contest closes September 16, 2015. No gags please. Be sure to leave your contact information.


My business is chess. Books, DVDs, antiquarian things, art, collectibles and the like. I sell stuff, hence “inventory” can be part of the puzzle. Should I have a Forum? At this time, probably not. Too much stupid or negative stuff and who wants to monitor that? Fortunately my chess aspirations are not toward juveniles.
What eventually will be done is to have something “cool” like in the past (which was totally original) to get me “jump started.” While I am sure there are websites out there which clearly satisfy their owner, but as a consumer, what would make us want to go back? Hey, thanks for your help. We could all use an extra hundred couldn’t we?

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