I am anxious to give you something FREE. And I am not so altruistic that I don’t expect the “freebie” seekers to ask for their “free copy” of the double edition of my newsletter, called, appropriately enough, BOB’S NEWS LETTER, the JUL-AUG issue rolled into one.

It will be a fatso sucker too. At the moment I am waiting for a few more new books which should have been here a week or more ago. This time around I have extended the reviews but cut out scans of the books’ covers due to the emailing constraints posed by sending out large files!

I’m also hoping to bring back customers I used to have. Unfortunately many did the “hippie” type thing when they dropped out but quit tuning in! I have been fortunate in hearing from those in days gone by. So I want to make this Double Issue particularly appealing.

If you aren’t yet a subscriber to Bob’s News Letter perhaps you would consider! You can get a FREE look at this double issue by sending an email to: –I the subject line of the email please put CHESS SHARKNADO. In the body of the email please put your full name as I tend to address the reader rather than give you a regular “hey you.” If you can’t be bothered to give me your real name, then I can’t be bothered to waste my time sending you something valuable.


P.S. The reviews are more in depth and there are many of them from current releases to recent releases. You are invited to comment. ALSO. there are scans of chess sets available at special prices. Ebony, rosewood, and a PLAYER’S CHOICE. Just one of each!


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