If you know the answer tell me!

Some readers are hungry for more but there is only one of me!

In between what I do accomplish are medical things for diabetes testing every morning. Pain pills. And at 10:10 this morning, checking in with my surgeon and x-rays to see how it is going. If you, like me, like to have a good night’s sleep, don’t break anything because finding your comfort level is an arduous task, every day (mostly) until it’s over, whenever that is!


That would have to be to pull out an actual chessboard and men. Not easy under normal circumstances, even more difficult under disabled situations. I think this explains the grins, smiles, and laughter from those who are disabled because someone actually takes the trouble to take the time to play them a game!

Another “tough chore” is finding opponents. In some cases there are clubs. Some clubs are helpful and for years I played at the ILLOWA CHESS CLUB. We weren’t big on ceremony, minutes of meetings etc. but we did have to send in tournament reports and fees such as membership dues and USCF stuff.

Again, I am not bragging, just stating a fact: I kept getting elected treasurer even after serving many terms. My rating was over 1800, I had a family, and a business to run but I finally convinced “them” I had done more than my share. Other officers did fill the breach.

Society tends to “frown” on volunteers who take charge as if volunteering makes them “uppity.” Not trustworthy. What a bunch of bull! Throw your hat into the ring. If some H.A. doesn’t like it then he has just volunteered him or herself. I’ll be the first one to admit some are bad citizens. We had at least 2 treasurers who absconded with our money. One even moved to Chicago before we tracked him down and got our dough back. The other turned out to be a “local liar.”

It’s important to have a treasurer’s report too and to actually see a monthly bank statement. We finally had to “BOND” the position too through an insurance company. If you have the grit and honesty to run such a position, volunteer.

Tournament Directors are important too as well as having more than one. In the late 80s and early 90s when I was heavily involved, we had a number of them and we rotated the duties monthly. Most of the 7-9 top rated players were TDs. No one felt overworked or being taken advantage of. Not one of these guys disrespected their duties.

But as you might guess there were a few that hanging was too good of a punishment for them! One new club member set off the fire alarm causing us to lose a home we had since 1961! (almost 30 years!) They kicked us out instantly. I believed there is a fine by the Fire Department when this happens. Universities have problems with this too. After that expulsion we were always groping for new HQs.


By now there should be available, online, how to go about starting a chess club. DON’T BE AFRAID of putting a notice in a weekly or daily newspaper. Bobby Fischer’s Mom contacted the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle for crying out loud!! Someone surmised this worked out!

Hence, instead of pleading the well-worn phrase, “I don’t have time,” make some time. You may end up being some kid’s hero… if not that you will just be classed as a “good guy” and there is certainly nothing wrong with having those.

I’m counting on some of you (all? let’s get real) doing that and sending a report to this “station.”

My customer and good friend Don Miller sent me a note yesterday:

“I haven’t played any chess in many years now…the local chess club pretty much didn’t want to function as a chess club and the time they wanted to play didn’t fit my schedule … And it was well on the Southside of town…and I couldn’t find anyone local to me to play OTB…and I don’t like only playing online chess, (I) like the feedback stuff… So, it kind of went by the wayside…

I still occasionally look at a game and enjoy those….Don.”
The USA is a mighty big place so sometimes improvisation is necessary!
Well I gotta get ready for one of those surgeon appointments. Been praying for good news and my big thanks to others who have too. You people ARE the volunteers of the world!
Today they re x-rayed my arm and rewrapped it. Got a BIG thumbs up from Peter and Ross! I am on the mend. Tell you more next time. Thanks big time for those who prayed for my health and it’s update.
(a la my great grandson Jack!)


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