Lately I have been averaging the writing go from 1.0 to 2.0 chess book reviews per day. Doing that with one hand puts a different kind of “spin” on things. And, it makes my right shoulder pretty sore by the end of the day.

Any day now I expect a deluge of NEW and recent books to ship out. If you can’t afford at least one book a month on chess, you aren’t serious as you would like others to believe. While chess may be my life, I buy other books too so I can stay well informed.

Today I took a time out and went to see the latest Mission Impossible movie. It was great!! Maybe even better than that. What amazes me are those who feel compelled to tell me they don’t like Tom Cruise and won’t support him. Those who were there at 11:25 this morning loved it. Seriously packed with content. All you could want in a product that delivers and over delivers.

One such will be the July-August issue of Bob’s News Letter. Several days away from being finished. Subscribers will get theirs first. Lots of reviews. If you ask for a copy and give me your contact info, I will make sure YOU get one. Subscriptions are UP!



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