From 2008 forward I published three “black books.”

A lot of airplay has passed since then and I was in a “mood” to relate a little bit. Partly because it has been in my bones to do one more book! The one I had in mind was on “secrets.” I’ve always been interested in that subject because I was also interested in magic, close-up magic, since I was a youngster.

I remember when my Aunt Agnes was visiting with my Mom and Dad. One of Ag’s kids was adopted and I didn’t know anything about that but found it interesting. He was a teenager who worked in a Seattle magic shop. He did what we call “small magic,” the right in front of your eyes type of thing such as a coin through the table bit.

Was I hooked? You had better believe it. Magician’s don’t usually repeat a trick. But he did tricks over and over for me. I watched him like a hawk and still, I couldn’t nail him! I liked magic! I saw ads for magic tricks in the magazines my Dad bought. It was hard to believe, but in those days I couldn’t even afford a 25 cent trick or a magic catalog.

Years later i had a magic shop and at various times it was the site for some of the best close-up magicians in the world: Don Alan, Albert Goshman, Irv Wiener, Tony Slydini and many more. They were like the Grandmasters of chess but in magic. And, I had met many other “mysteriosos” over the years of all stripes in ego, brilliance, and consummate skill–just like in chess. I got along with all of them.

While I very much enjoyed meeting David Roth (the world’s best coin magician), Ed Marlo (a card genius), Dai Vernon (all around magic whiz), I also became friends with some of the chess greats too. Not close, close friends, but friends. How does one do that? Quick answer–don’t be cheap! Buy a book, attend a simul. Be nice. Stand back, don’t crowd them.

The quickest way was to be a friend. Say something interesting or intelligent. How does one do that?

  1. Be well read–read magazines, books, watch videos, LISTEN (a biggie!);
  2. Don’t hog the conversation, be friendly;
  3. Look in the mirror in the morning. Do you look boring? If so stop doing that!
  4. Smile from time to time. Offer something meaningful. Again, read stuff. When your head is in your phone it is all about you. I am often surprised at how ignorance pops up. My granddaughter is 25 but she reads a lot and in return, I have, now, a great-granddaughter, and a grandson who can delight me. Sometimes they give me ideas, excellent ideas and now they make me laugh. Having a broken arm, I have a need for laughter.


Do you want to meet reasonably well-adjusted women? Follow the outline I gave above. The guys who have sex on the brain seldom last because they have no class. Don’t make excuses. Simply, in any area of life, just don’t be an idiot! Did you know that at least in a dozen different languages the word “idiot” is pronounced the same and means the same? I got this from the late GM E. Gufeld. Be nice. Pax.

P.S. More work on the catalog tomorrow. I am really getting tired of one finger typing!


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