My great grandson, Jack, is a corker! Really.

He just had his first birthday over a month ago. He says “tanks” for everything!

If he takes a piece of paper he says “tanks.” I love it AND I love my customers.

I am not much of a maudlin guy.

Of course we are all getting older and hopefully, wiser.

I’ve always been super busy… some of you know that.

This morning I received a phone call from a reseller from outside the USA.

In a moment of frankness and a desire to do future business I said,

“Why do those of your nationality not buy books (on chess?)” Instead of being insulted he said, “They (we) are cheap.”

I was surprised he admitted it! (But he did admit the stronger players generally did buy books such as those from Quality Chess.)

I questioned him in the first place because knowledge costs money, one way or the other. We hit it off, now that means I don’t mind answering his questions (that’s why he called me in the first place!) Seemed like a nice guy, an entrepreneur.

Trying to make it just like myself. Maybe we (both) picked the wrong niche. Maybe so. I’m waiting for his call back.


This accident with my car has slowed me down. I am forced to take more time to answer questions instead of being in a RUSH to get to the post office. I can be more good humored. Good for business I think. Yesterday was my sister Rita’s BD. I was a day late. We talked for an hour. Next MON she is going to help me clean up office stuff around here. Darn nice, what can I do for her! I have so many things on hold. Trying to sell enough stuff to pay the bills that Social. Sec. won’t cover.

What business am I in? Information and Service. With this broken arm and all these head, blood, and nerve tests I am slowly recuperating. Then I had a setback with elbow and arm. During that time I have been asking people “What can I do for you” and I’ve always sincerely meant it, no matter what some may think of me… I have grown some extra patience!

In 1997 I received a call from NYC asking “Do you know Dan Kennedy?”

I replied “No, should I?” Mr. William Beruh responded, “You market just like he does!”

When I found out who Kennedy was, later, I was flattered. And, I met Kennedy in 2012. But I hadn’t had Kennedy’s success. Was it because I chose chess as my niche?

When the fellow above mentioned CHEAP it struck a chord. Chess is not, in general, about making money. As Al Horowitz wrote in “All About Chess” it is about finding opponents you can beat! Let’s think about that. True. Are we looking for those who can keep beating us? Not if the people I have been around are any measure. Bragging has been a major chess activity. When I find myself doing it, it even bores me!

Getting back to “cheap” the foreign retailer of chess said: “with computers, electronics it’s easier, blah, blah..” Then I interrupted with, “so how come their rating doesn’t really rise?”


Because most authors put EFFORT into their writings. Brainpower. They sift out the chaff from the wheat. Electronics do not! That’s why a great book like Petrosian’s PYTHON STRATEGY have REAL content and not just words on a page. There an author can use a computer-like device to prevent faulty analysis from creeping in. Monster difference. BUT it is really difficult to get players to LISTEN. They always know best even when experience shows they do not!

This next sounds like a BRAG even though I don’t mean it to be: In 2012 I ran an event with Andrew Martin whereby he had 4 lectures on 4 different openings. Even though I was personally busy with other things I heard him emphasize several things to NOT do. At least one, if not more, were not listening and they were crushed. I had asked, “Did you hear Andrew?”

I suspect, caught by surprise, it just flew by. Grade School teachers don’t allow that. We need more chess teachers and GOOD teaching chess books.

The foreign chess reseller got it. CHESS BOOKS DO WORK! My question is, “Do you?” It’s amazingly rewarding to solve a quiz or position and secretly I bet your brain likes it too!



“you are an amazing writer

you are the gary halbert of chess theater
you make magic out of thin air
you move molehills that become mountains when others try to what you do
you are a maverick (although, I’m sure others used the same letters “ick” at times to describe you!)
they are all so wrongo!
you pull letters and string sentences like Tal pulls moves and sequences together
of course
get well, my friend (whom I have never met or seen in the flesh, but whose letters are shadows that I use as capes to ponder and move forth in life.
get well and  be well and be at peace at the process
of healing…..”
I told Bill I like what he writes too!

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