in a short while I’ll be heading to a surgery room in the hospital to try to fix my broken arm, again.

My main desk is polluted with bills and reminders of who I owe money too. Mostly city government and utilities but I also discovered, over the weekend, my Visa card! First time in ever that happened. I have had that happen to a few of my customers too. I don’t get exacerbated when that happens but because it happened to me (first time, I thought I had already paid it!) I felt a bit nerve wracked because this accident I had has made me a bit discombobulated.

In the meantime, over the weekend I was working on the July-AUG. issue of my NEWS LETTER and chess sets and books CATALOG! It will be a big one. A JEWEL will be offered so stay alert. Andy Ansel gave me some of the idea (I had it in mind for the Chess Festival but that was postponed).

Another friend, Greg Delaney wrote: The three “black books” you published, starting with the Chess Assassin’s Business Manual,” are still in my mind the most readable and interesting bits of literature I have gotten from you. I can read them over again and find new and interesting tidbits I didn’t see the previous time.

Greg originally said this some time ago but I was too busy to repeat this nice compliment. (Never be that busy!)

GOD works in mysterious ways. in the past couple weeks I have sold a lot of copies of my 1989 book by Lanny JOHNSON called “1933 The Devil Comes to Henry County.” It’s bizarrely listed on at $75.00. I’ve been selling them for $29.95 and discounting them 40% to quantity buyers, about 122 or more! The remaining 216 are under a contract sale over the next 3 months. I do know what made that book sell. 1) It was a rip-roaring adventure that was hard to put down. One lady I call Sherlock, told me she read all of its pages (of a 570 page book) except 60 because she didn’t want the book to end! I know the feeling!

2) That’s my secret. Not for sale at this time!

More tomorrow.


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