i have a great grand daughter who likes to effect a Southern twang when she says, “I need hep!”

Do any of you remember Boris Spassky saying, around 196o, after already being a grandmaster, that he wanted to throw everything out and start over?

My friend Steve Lamansky remembers him saying it and John Blackstone and I recall it but we can’t seem to find the details!!!! Darn! How about you? Can you help us? We’re counting on your memory or your library or friends because you are unlikely to find it on Google or Bing, please try to imagine that we have already looked there.

This is important for an article I am writing so if you can provide a source you will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor!

Thanks it is for reasons like this that the best databases are your own heads!


7 thoughts on “SPASSKY AND I NEED HELP?

  1. Bob, the reference you are seeking is in Gligorich’s book on the 1972 match “Fischer vs. Spassky: The Chess Match of the Century.” on page 16, Gligorich writes, “When walking with me once, Spassky, who was World Champion at the time, confessed his wish to forget all that he knew, like a superfluous load, and to start thinking about chess from the beginning. What enormous creative ambition in a man who is called casual by some!”.:

  2. Spassky in this instance reminds me of Lasker! I don’t believe I have Gliga’s book anymore Greg. Would you be kind enough to photocopy that page and send it to me? You the Fischer scholar. Thank you very much!!!

    • How about I send you a used copy of the book? It will be an old copy I bought when I was a kid. Has my name and old street address on it. Couple of pages are loose, and pages are a little tanned but still a decent copy.

  3. Bob, only I can find is reference about Spassky (indirect) is on p 79 of Cafferty’s book on Spassky’s 100 Best Games. He references Spassky’s “failure & success” during 1958-1961, where he changed trainers after competitive failures, joining w/ Bondarevsky.

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