If you gave to the Idiegogo campaign for Rob’s movie, Madhouse Manor, I thank you. I publicized it because naturally I am his Dad. If I  wasn’t convalescing I would have given more too but food, care, drugs, etc are taking what I have and sales are meagre at this time. When one is self-employed this is not a great advertisement. Years ago I had insurance for this but, the dough ran out.

If you feel like you could contribute more to the Scary movie, do it again. There is no statute of limitations on giving until the promotion is over. I’ve been told that sometimes giving increases towards the end. Reminds me of last minute Registrations for the chess festival.


I remember telling readers of this Blog about a very special catalog I was preparing to distribute to my list in 2 weeks. Wishful thinking. I am about halfway through it! My grandson Alex volunteered the other night to type it up for me, He’s 11 and a quick one fingered typist –from all his video games. All he would type is the name of the product, the author, number of pages, and the retail price. I would add the discount price. That’s just for a listing of certain provocative items. You will have to be vigilant when I announce this! If you have credits you can use those too.

Interspersed I have included all sorts of interesting “fan” notes and in 1-2 sections I’ve revealed a couple secrets guaranteed to win you more games! No lie. I also show you how I did it without force (i.e., a weapon!). There is no cost for this catalog in PDF form! First come gets first crack at what is offered. This is definitely not for the Cheep Crowd.

In this catalog I give an example of how I beat a rising star punk who had a PhD in philosophy, one of the more dangerous degrees, plus, he was secretive until his methods were uncovered.


Hence I still have some work to do. I am still 1-fingering it but I am getting stronger and faster. GOOD,


Petrosian’s PYTHON STRATEGY book should be here in a few days. I have 5-6 copies coming. Sorry, I didn’t realize at the time I ordered it how good it would be. It will be $25.50 but there will be FREE S&H!

I also hoped to release the NIMZOVICH DEFENSE in July so I could get a $75 discount on set up from my printer but that is now a type and pipe dream as I can only slowly add the BONUS chapter. This violent accident (the insurance company totaled my car!) has knocked my life out of kilter for several months.)

BTW I do know for a fact that some read my blog infrequently. Apparently one has to sign up (please do. it improves the continuity) before you are automatically notified! Want a tip to help cut down on emails you get? I do not follow ANY blogs! How else can I keep up this huge flow of info? Some of it even invaluable but it is different for different folks.

More later CFs.

SPHINCTER ISLAND is alive and well! I told a friend the other day that a book about it would be too huge!



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