My oldest son has been making movies since he was 16. He started out with my Super 8 movie camera and now he has graduated to expensive lenses, recording devices, professional actors, he does his own scriptwriting with all kinds of film folks being active in Maryland. All he needs is what everybody needs, $$$. But he also has a web presence even his old man doesn’t have at: http://smashortrashindiefilmmaking.com/

It’s a thrilling adventure and donations get you the DVD and a WHOLE bunch of souvenirs. Go to the link below to find out more as chess customer Jim Perry did to help ROB raise the $ which as everyone should know is really hard work because we know how much inertia is required. Jim sent money, Carol sent some money, and of course his Dad helped out because he knows from past experience how hard this is. These “kids” range from 30 to 65 and they give it their all. Please help these younger film makers. Their stuff is 1000x better than the Blair Witch Project. Thanks Jim.

I gave $100 and so I hope you can beat that amount with a club. Help a group of talent stays off of; welfare. They made this happen as entrepreneurs. Won’t you help?


Here is the indiegogo campaign link:igg.me/at/madhouse-manor-movie

People can give through paypal or credit card through indiegogo, or can sign in through their facebook account and give as well. Here is the promo poster.
P.S. Why not enjoy helping these people? The perks are great, why not get your name on the screen too? If i had ever made it big in chess I would have enjoyed funding the Whole Thing! These aren’t wealthy people, maybe some of you are!

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