Not everyone does you know. Some, however, want to to know what is going on in the chess world, what’s new and so forth.

Unfortunately, summer months are slow months.

Some more “move by move” books will be come on such as the Petroff. Another one is on KARPOV MOVE BY MOVE. IM Sam Collins is the author of this one. IM Cyrus Lakdawala will be the author of the Petroff book.

The two books will be available in August and September they say.


My friend Ed Yee is a chemical whiz in Detroit but in the evening and weekend his hobby is chess and with specific variations and he likes to keep me updated. He reads the news and updates from QUALITY CHESS and passes it on to me. Here’s his latest bulletins with my friend’s remarks:

“Hi Bob,

I saw your recent blog entry where you said you hoped to do something with Simon Williams in the future.  I hope you can too!  I was disappointed by the cancellation of the Chess Festival since I was looking forward to his presentations.
I was also meaning to thank you for mentioning that Simon was doing videos on YouTube now.  I checked out a couple of his blitz games with running commentary.  One was a very instructive little lesson on handling Chigorin’s 2.Qe2 vs. the French.  Speaking of instruction, he’s also got a tutorial on the Winawer that I have to check out.
I hope you’re progressing well with your recovery.  It seems like you’ve been offline forever, but it’s only been a couple of weeks since the Fourth.
Best regards,
Canceling this event really hurt. I was really looking forwarding to meeting one of chess’ best entertainers and there is more that a few reasons why.
EXCLUSIVITY is one of the reasons. Several times in the past those without any imagination have tried to “piggyback” my choices for entertainers. Why? So that I would have to pay most of the airfare from England! Put yourself in our shoes.
GETTING THE AFFORDABLE PRICE is another. How many have any idea of the cost of a chess entertainer? So they ask me or ask around. This can be delicate. I have to offer enough so they will get out of their comfort zone. If I offer too much the ticket price will be higher and then it is a struggle to get people to sign up! It’s a balancing act and somebody has to go first!
A year ago I sold my games building as it had become a white elephant. The new “suitor” wanted to negotiate with me. We couldn’t work the deal that way, he had already seen my for sale price! To make a long story short, I got my for sale price which was more than fair but somehow he thought I was selling cars! Naturally, 5 people came to me with offers to buy AFTER I had sold the building!!! Including some lawyers! That building had been sitting there at that price for quite some time but were just sitting there until others scared them into action. Many are afraid of buyer’s remorse and invariably are so afraid of losing a few thousand bucks that they end up buying (if they do) a decrepit piece of crap that costs them a fortune to fix up!
To put on a Festival costs $$$. I am looking at a slimmed down version. ONE entertainer, like Simon Williams, for example. A relaxed weekend which is still potent. A small number such as 8 to 10. Clients may want to find their own places to stay It’s hard to convey to others that hundreds of dollars isn’t a lot to spend EXCEPT for those living on on a fixed income such as Social Security.
Anyway, more on that possibility later this year, Simon  said he was willing.
Even in a mid-sized state such as Iowa there are decent sized USCF tournaments. Part of the reason are colleges and tournaments in Iowa. For example, the Iowa Open in late AUGUST. I promised to give my friend Mark Capron publicity in return for his attendance at my Morphy Chess Festival in OCTOBER. He is doing his darnedest to get over 200 to sign up and STAY signed. READ all the details closely there is probably something advantageous to YOU!
61st Iowa Open Championship (USCF & FIDE Rated)
Aug 29 2015 to Aug 30 2015
A Heritage Event!
IASCA GP Super Qualifier
Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
300 E 9th St. (I-80, SE side of Exit 242), Coralville, IA 52241
Time Control:
5-SS, G/90, i30
Accelerated pairings may be used in Rounds 1-2.
Sat 10, 2:30, & 7:30
Sun 9:30 & 2:30
($1900 b/65 Top 3 Gtd) $550+Trophy-$300-$150
U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600 $150/$75 each.
Entry Fee:
$57 if postmarked before 8/24; $69 at site. IM & GM free-EF deducted from any prize, Jrs. & Sr. $10 off, $10 off Out of state residents.
USCF Membership
is required. Join USCF
IASCA Membership
is required. Join IASCA
are available on site.
8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Send early fees to:
IASCA, c/o Mark Capron, 3123 Juniper Dr., Iowa City, IA 52245 or register online athttps://onlineregistration.cc/
Take I-80 to exit 242, go south to 9th street, take a left and follow to the end of 9th street and you are there!
Additional Info:
USCF and FIDE Rated!! Out of State chess club members Accepted (OSA). Bye available Rounds 1-3 if requested prior to start of round. Rounds 4-5 only if requested prior to tournament starting. USCF – August 2015 Rating List will be used for pairing purposes. FIDE rules will be used. Head Floor TD will be Bill Broich. Chess Magnet School JGP. Call 319-321-5435 or mcapron243@mchsi.com orbroich01@yahoo.com

The Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Chess rate available, $109 only until 8/14/15, rates may increase after this date. Pool, restaurant, more restaurants in walking distance. 319-688- 4000.

Mark Capron
3123 Juniper Dr., Iowa City, IA 52245
Ph: 319-321-543
Email: mcapron243@mchsi.com
Mark always foots the bill out of his own wallet so I hope you will go to his 61st Iowa Open because he is a true chess supporter. THE CHESS BUTLER will get help from Ed Reedy and we should be there to show you what is new and WORTH WHILE. I don’t have a car to get home on SUNDAY and for sure Ed said he would help me on Saturday. I am still healing in my arms so I won’t be running around like crazy. If you want to see what I have available please stop by. Hey, thanks much you really are appreciated more than you know. Mark is a supporter of what I do, others are not because I never hear from them.
P.S. Sorry for typos. It still takes a bit to do what little I do. It’s hard to imagine that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and broken appendages have their own schedule.

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