Which one doesn’t belong?

In 1940 Morton and Horowitz had been crossing the US giving simultaneous chess exhibitions and selling subscriptions to Horowitz’ Chess Review, a fine chess publication. Morton was driving and was hit head on by a truck driver. Morton was instantly killed. It took weeks for Horowitz to recuperate in Carroll, Iowa.

In 2015 Bob Long, publisher of chess literature at Thinkers’ Press ran into a parked trailer and broke his left arm in 3 places, banged up the trailer and himself due to the airbag blowing up in his face. Bruises ensued. The damage was great enough to call off the October planning for the 5th chess festival, this one starring British GM Simon Wlliams, IM Andrew Martin, and Morphy expert Macon Shibut.

What a mess!

My writing skills at the moment are nowhere near up to par though the brain (thank God) is still percolating.


Remember that movie from John Carpenter? My son Rob and I are working on a movie similar to that but the name and casting are different. What else can one do with a broken writing hand?

A – – – – – E ISLAND

The plot. A dweeb is accidentally sent to this place and a task force is sent in to retrieve him! Full of comedy and strange twists. It wasn’t easy to write down because we kept laughing while discussing it. Will be available on line and in ebook format when it is completed. I’ll need the sales, lots of medical bills. A guy I know wrote a book on zombies and a followup book on vampires. Lots of gore and raunchy stuff. Ever dealt with A-holes? That’s raunchy enough! They get theirs. UNFORTUNATELY they multiply like rabbits. One island may not be big enough for all of them. Would Mexican Drug Dealer El Cheapo be able to escape from A-HOLE ISLAND? Doubtful, the guards too are A-holes and money wouldn’t buy his way out! Ideally British actor Donald Pleasance started a new career with Escape from New York, maybe we can resurrect him.

It will all be in good fun, yeah right. It will help pass some time and hopefully provide entertainment for chess players, John Carpenter fans and others. Fun rehabilitation!


Remember how Australia got started!!! Millionaires and billionaires are, of course, eligible. So are mean people, movie stars, landlords, people living next to you. There is one big category that threatens to rule all others and that would be patent trolls, those who are constantly suing! How about judges who constantly reinterpret laws to their own advantage?

There is no torture on this island other than putting up with the other inhabitants! They would have to come up with their own criminal justice system. Would Bill Cosby be as funny as everyone thought he was before? Aren’t you glad you aren’t God?

Don’t worry about those who get it wrong and who sentence people to Other Islands which are offshoots of the main island. Mistakes will be made. Psychopaths will be a thing of the past. They all are psychopaths. This could be called “venting your spleen” island.

I’m doing this for fun, no revenge etc. that is not my job.

Stay tuned. You’ve been given Robert Louis Stevenson’s TREASURE ISLAND now you have coming A-HOLE ISLAND

where those who deserve it get the fame they have been crowding you with. Coming to you in eBook format.


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