Yesterday i saw my orthopedic surgeon. One of my bones wouldn’t cooperate and kept popping out of its socket. he kept tightening his grip and twisting it to the left to pop it back in. For the record, it hurt like hell and he kept doing it. Carol told me that when a doctor is getting paid Medicare $$$ that’s how they do it. So i was in pain all day yesterday and some today.

i’m not a pain whiner but this was extraordinary. my doc had a cast-wrapping older assistant and this guy was unbelievably good. i’m glad of that. tomorrow, time to get my shaggy hair coiffed (LOL). There is no trouble sleeping. At 10 p.m. i am thoroughly exhausted. Friday they will check to see if i have a brain.

i sent a couple orders out today, my son double checked them and everything appeared ok.

yesterday was a fortuitous meeting and learning of a Morphy collector.

i don’t know whether i have told those who paid the $200 registration fee for the Morphy Chess festival that for signing up they will get a consolation prize of the Morphy antique bronze coin. Intentions of coming, do not weigh in this gift, i’m sorry.

i heard back from Simon William’s and he was very sad about the event being called OFF but he told me this: he still wants to come some time.

So i am working on something but it will require full registration in advance. Details will follow. it will be a smaller party. i believe he could be the greatest guest i have ever had and we’ve had some gems.

i continue to thank all those who have written and sent their best wishes. my arm is a long way off to TYPING freedom. i’m still losing weight. i nap every couple hours and sleep well at night. this was a bad break in many different ways but i do feel revitalized by hearing from friends and customers. i had a book i was working on called HOW TO FIND MY IDEAL CUSTOMER.

for a small while my son Rob is visiting me. We’re working on a new chess profile to bring back the best in chess and that book will be sent to people i prefer as customers for one reason or another. i think you will like the selection criterion. more on that as soon as i can get a typist. Still working on the mini catalog which will include the new VERESOV BOOK. I’ll be able to help you and school chess clubs. i learned to raise my rating 550 points and i bet i can help you to raise yours (and maybe even more) IF you qualify in these areas:

A) Relatively intelligent and capable;

B) Respectful, well-behaved and low maintenance. It’s amazing how THOSE attitudes can make a colossal difference. Absolutely huge.

C) It’s not about a website at this point. That’s a very expensive project no matter what others may tell you.

D) While a few other things are involved this next part is crucial: Study and work ethic is important to me. You must read, listen, watch and work. More details as my hand and arm becomes operational again.

If you are interested in knowing more mention STRATEGICAL AND TACTICAL DECISIONS about the proper uses of your resources.

Thanks for reading this far.


interested in finding your inner mental strength and doing great things with it.


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