Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard have created a song that is so apropos for these challenging times called IT’S ALL GOING TO POT! Give it a listen on YouTube.

We count on our leaders doing the “right thing” but you know what? Almost none of them do! They are full of empty words. NO COMMITMENT, ALWAYS CHECKING to see which way the wind is blowing.

That’s a lot of incredible FAILURES.

I had listened one afternoon to NPR after the disaster of Katrina. Bush was there talking to a black lady and he promised he would take care of her.

He failed. Once the “sound bites” crew was gone, a check back showed that no government agency helped with her problems. Not a one.

Folks, I’ll make this REALLY SIMPLE, that is called LYING. No matter how you twist it, political expediency or what ever you want to call it, it is LYING. Again, it is that simple. It’s not about ‘forgetting’ there were lots of aides and media people there.

I talked with my brother tonight for quite a spell about being disabled. Does anyone care about our disabled? Veteran or not (he is a Navy veteran)? His back was broken, pelvis crushed, he resides in a wheel chair. I am not in a wheel chair but it is almost as bad as if I were. Mobility is slow. Functioning is slow. I see my doc. in 2 days.

We talked about something simple. It was a “grabber.” A tool that you can use to pickup something that is on the floor. They have jaws or pincers to pick up. Very useful for those in uncomfortable situations.


The expensive mouse traps, all these little jewels that the defense dept. paid loads of money to procure? I worked for DoD for 10 years so i remember the verbal bashings we would undergo. Now it is the turn of Social SECURITY ADMIN. MY brother tells me that disabled people, such as himself,are being nickled and dimed to $$$ ruination.

I do not know how he has survived but i intend to talk with him about and get our SEN Chuck Grassley involved.

If you didn’t already know, I am a big believer in God and you would be too if you were in my accident which would have totaled a fire truck yet NO ONE except myself was touched. My brain is clear, my support is amazing. I will survive, Gloria Gaynor.

Good night for now and be Good to others. The payoff is so unbelievable.


P.S. In a few weeks (?) I will be feeling immeasurably better and more equipped than ever to HELP YOU at all kinds of things. Keep in touch and keep the faith.



  1. Your short story about the “grabber” reminded me of a course I took years ago called “Therapeutic Recreation.” Many of us are completely clueless to the issues that people with disabilities face on a daily basis. This course was absolutely fantastic. It was taught by a paraplegic who was married to a quadriplegic—amazing in itself! He spent the first 5-6 minutes on day one showing us how easy it is to raise and lower one of the shades in the classroom. Then he rolled his wheelchair over to the window and said, “Now, how am I going to deal with this?” One other afternoon he took us outside to show us how he gets into and out of his car—took up twenty five minutes of class time; what an eye opening experience! We all left his course with a much more compassionate perspective.

    While you are laying in bed, remember, “This too, will pass!”


  2. thank you Steve. Yes, we do not know these things at first. my problem is in understanding and dealing with all the costs in time, energy and all the various resources needed to get back to stability. it’s super human in scope. this alone should stop our leaders from going ito a war

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