I had listed 11 reasons before my Word Press Blog erased a lot of words. Aargh.

Let’s see if I can remember them and create a do-over.

1. He speaks English. He doesn’t poke around because…He is enthusiastic and he’s articulate.

2. He’s from London and that creates an exotic cachet in his voice and appearance.

3. He’s a Grandmaster, the voice of authority. He knows whereof he speaks.

4. He’s been prodigious in his production of DVDs (which are getting ripped off) the best on the planet.

5. A terrific website (www.gingergm.com). Not crowded nor full of baloney. Check it out.

6. He writes great books (on the French, Sicilian, the Dutch AND on attacks and combinations)

7. He’s smart, not just chess smart.

8. He’s enthusiastic and seriously creative. His DVDs are so good he’s being ripped off by the bit-torrent freak-a-zoids.

9. He and I have lively conversations in our emails. Must be his red-hair!

10. At around 11 he got into chess and his first published rating, if I read it right, was that of a master!

11. Go to his website (www.gingergm.com). Hours of fun and interesting pieces. I will be stocking his DVDs (already have his books) at below usual prices. The guy is a hard worker and totally amazing.

He will be doing the “former”King’s Gambit simul, which is now pretty close to just being a simul but will play the King’s Gambit against you, “if you let him.”


But first I would like to show you something that does work, IF, you give it a chance.

I need to sell registrations to the Festival IF I am to avoid going into BIG debt and avoid maxing out my only credit card.

Recently I heard from Bart Lancaster from San Diego. Bart came to our Last Chess Clinic in 2010. Bart didn’t then, and doesn’t even now have an internet connection!

He told me, over the phone  (I had sent him a letter), he was going to come to the fifth Chess Festival. He was a regular customer of ours from the 90s and one thing that really tripped his trigger was our CHESS GAZETTE. Bart was a big fan of my customer service rep., Rita, my sister. I suggested to “Black Bart” (wild west character) that if he could get a buddy to come, I would give both of them 10% OFF their registration fee which at the time was $200. He thought of his buddy on the other side of the USA, in North Carolina, Ed Tucker. He told Ed and his wife Nancy about this thing and I just got Ed’s check today and have already talked with him on the phone! I also got a part payment from Bart too! Wow, I liked that. Two birds with one stone. The Munchausen Effect!

I know some of you could help us out this way too.

For years I was afraid of talking on the phone to someone I really didn’t know. That makes sales of any quantity difficult. (There were exceptions, I talked to Borders, for example, on the phone and they bought a ton of stuff.) Years ago I took a certain type of course in Chicago where one dealt with all kinds of awkward situations. It was two days. One of our tasks (it was a task!) was to call up and talk to someone we didn’t want to talk with. Good grief! I called my ex. When she answered she said, “Hi, how are you?” It was amazing. I had made up my mind that I had nothing to lose! It was a great conversation, I wished it had been longer.

She called me today a little while ago and we really hit it off again but she told me, “If the Festival is so much work why don’t you back out?” I said, “For the same reasons you wouldn’t!” Well, I just found out she was just getting out of the insurance business after all this time (12 years???)

I said, “I am going to see it through and ask my customers for help!” Help.

I am going to do something to make it a little bit easier:

1. What chess buddies do you know who you could ask? You probably have no idea what they would say and they might even be glad to hear from you! In 2012 I asked 80 people to help with donations to an expensive seminar I wanted to go to in Cleveland, all business. I asked them to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I would tell them what it was.

40 signed the NDA and sent it back. Serious faith I tell you. 50%!

2. I told them what was up because I had forty people sign it and they kept their word!

3. Here it is, 3 years later and the Fifth Chess Festival was part of that story, plus about 18 other things. TEN people donated enough do-re-me so that I could go and have a place to stay for $500 for 3-4 days. I have some big ideas for 2016 too! It started in 2012 over a 10 day period. I feel grateful to those ten, all great guys. Still with me but one.


Since I have to charge $250 for registration now I feel like it would be appropriate to give out a BONUS to anyone who signs up now. It can’t be cash because, I need cash. But I do have some good inventory. But first I would like you to do ONE thing: Ask for the BONUS list. (write to: info@chessbutler.com). I will send a list of chess periodicals you are entitled to choose from.

With but a few exceptions you will be able to choose TWO items worth more than $50. I have a ONE only item which retails for more than $150 and that would be a complete set of the Chess Gangs of New York and London. I’m counting that as two books. So, request the list and I will send it to you. Who knows, there might even be something else in it for you!

People who are Tournament Directors and Chess Organizers also qualify even though their registration is only $150.


There’s the likelihood of those who come at the last minute, always, they don’t care what the cost is. At the Cleveland event? It was limited to 167 people at $3,500 (or $2,800 if you paid right away, which is what I did.) Guess how many showed up? 250!! 83 had to pay the extra amount. I asked the president if they did and she said, “Absolutely, this isn’t chess!” I am joking about that, she only said, “Absolutely” and I confirmed it with someone else.

I will most likely print this up and mail this out too. Someone always asks what the DEADLINE is because if a deadline isn’t in force, people forget. So let’s say the end of July. Hopefully I will not be remiss, and forget to send out a reminder.

Thanks for reading and TAKING ACTION, you will love this event and I will love you for coming.


563-271-6657 to info@chessbutler.com


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