This is new stuff, hopefully it will be an attention grabber.

When we travel some of us have certain preferences that others do not have.

For example, my son has a big German shepherd which guards the fort when they leave for a couple days to go see a ballgame somewhere.

Others take an animal with them IF they know a place that will take said animal.

So it is helpful to stay at a place that accepts animals. The La Quinta Inn and Conference Center is a big place in Davenport, Iowa. When Geoff Goers and his wife (from Texas) decided to make a chess pilgrimage through St. Louis and on to Davenport, Iowa he checked to see what their policy on dogs were (maybe cats too?) and they take your dog.

Myself? Pets are one more thing to keep track of, feed, take to the vet, etc. and none of them have a wallet! (Important in the scheme of things.)


Transportation to and from the Moline International Airport! La Quinta told me they would work this out and they have. I love that in a manager. As only 6 people have checked in so far at La Quinta for the Festival, I see some last minute scrambling (happens every time). What I need from you who are coming (many would be nice) is your flight details so that we can get your transportation from the airport to La Quinta and back when you’ve decided to leave. And I need this info, in advance, to give to the the manager’s desk to make sure a driver is there to pick you up and take you to La Quinta so you will be ready for the beginning of the event. NOTE: Simon Williams will start off on Friday morning at 10 a.m. But, we will be open at 9 a.m. to get all squared away. More details coming on that (coffee, juice, etc.) For those who are doing us the favor of staying at the La Quinta, there will be Hot Breakfasts until 10 a.m. The manager told me when breakfast starts but rather than you give you the incorrect time, I will recheck with Jonathan.


This next one is a biggie. Everyone who registers will get one of the Antique Bronze Morphy Coins as part of their registration! No minimum number of players needed (it was 60, now it is the number registered up to 75.) I figured it might be an incentive to get people to come but so far I have guessed wrong. I say “so far” but a colleague told me there is a lot of last minute registrants to all kinds of stuff these days. That would make ME uncomfortable to be shut out at the last minute. The COIN has a $50 value. The original was designed around 1859. My son Rob updated it and it says “Paul Morphy American Chess King 1837-1884.” I have a few of the gold plated versions, they are $125.00. Pretty substantial little beasts as I have been carrying one of those in my pocket since I got it. One and a half inches in diameter and weight of one ounce. So if you have pre-registered for the Chess Festival V ($200 through June 30), you already have one reserved for you.


This might be number 4 but it doesn’t have to be! Just because we plan on having a Simultaneous chess exhibition with Grandmaster Simon Williams and International Master Andrew Martin doesn’t mean we know how many are participating! I know of at least one person who is coming but who won’t be playing in the simul. Originally we planned on providing chess sets and boards for those who register. Registration is FREE. But I can’t do that if you don’t tell me if you are playing! I can’t assume anything. Ten years ago I won the bid for a USCF scholastic event which needed 500 chess sets and boards. That was about $2500 or more with the proviso that we will sell commemorative boards and sets at the end of the event. But, there was an expensive problem. The organizers forgot to tell anybody! My organization upheld our end of the bargain. Me? I lost a bunch of cash.

If you are playing in the simul, and most seem to be, I need to know it. I no longer keep extra sets in stock.


To make sure everyone is available for the next set of lectures, we need to have everyone available. So lunch will be between lectures and thus avoid stragglers.


One big problem that presenters have is cell phones being used during their talk. Amazingly discourteous! I saw Dan Kennedy on stage and virtually his first comment was, “If a cell phone goes off during my talk, I will come out and take yours!” There’s a little embarrassment for you! One did go off but I noticed the person to whom it belonged to was next to the Exit doors! It cost $3,000 to go to that event!

Anyway, those are answers to some possible questions. The price again is $200, which is about the lowest price of any seminars I have seen. I hope you will come. Make it a brief vacation, it will be one you won’t forget! Photos are OK, definitely will allow autographs. I have a number of Simon’s books stocked.

By the way, the phone number, etc. for the La Quinta Inn is 563-359-3921. The address is: 3330 East Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52807.

My phone number is 563-271-6657. That’s for Bob Long.

C’mon out!


PS: I can’t resist the tagline used in the movie WESTWORLD (an enjoyable movie by the way): For the Time of Your Life.

PPS: Some amenities at La Quinta: hot breakfast buffet each morning, indoor heated pool (for those tired mental bones!), free WI-FI, a fitness center, and 24 hours guest laundry.

Questions? Drop us a line at:


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