Over the years I have published 13 (or more?) different magazines, mostly on chess. Sold hundreds of thousands of books on chess.

I’m almost a recluse except to those who purchase my “stuff.”

During all of this time I have kept busy with manufacturers, famous chess people, entertained hundreds through my Chess Festivals and Clinics, but to the real world, I am basically unknown! Chess egos can be so hi that I’ve been viewed as an unwarranted threat to the businesses of others. If the egomaniacs really knew the truth they would probably be surprised that I paid no attention (no time to do that) to these others. Maybe this was a weakness (my wife said it was) but my goal was really to provide amazing services and inventory to the ones who really, really liked chess, even more than I did!

OI grew up at the library in Keokuk, Iowa on Paul Morphy. He reminded me of the “Thing” from the Fantastic Four! Though slight of build Morphy delivered never-ending episodes of “Clobbering Time” to his opponents–ALL OF THEM! He never lost a match!

On October 23-24, this year, my last Chess Festival, called the Morphy Chess Festival Five will take place!

You can find out more by dropping me a line at

Over the years I have sold or collected almost everything to do with chess and had thousands on my mailing lists! True. I’ve put more chess into print than the master of it all, Cecil Purdy, the fabulous world beater (first world correspondence champion in 1953). Purdy’s publications are getting quite expensive now and the Purdy Estate appointed me as the mover and shaker of Purdy’s chess writings.

As this is my last Festival event I would like to borrow YOUR help! No postage necessary, just an email (or two).

If you have done business with me (Bob Long from Chessco, Thinkers’ Press, Chess Butler, etc.) I would appreciate a TESTIMONIAL from you and use it to promote this event coming this Fall. Our headliner is GM Simon Williams from England! Backing him up is the world chess traveler, author, and DVD maker (for ChessBase) IM Andrew Martin. And, another new addition FIDE Master Macon Shibut (Virginia and the Virginia Chess Newsletter), one of the foremost Morphy Experts on the planet.

There will be lectures, a simul, prizes, and lots of crazy chess stuff for everyone, limited to 75 Paid Registrants. If we get at least 60 PAID registrants, I will be giving away the valuable and uncommon Paul Morphy Chess Coin in Antique Bronze worth $49.95! (I have a few of the Gold ones left but you will have to drop me a line to ask about that!)

This is just the tip of the 64 icebergs. Two days of nothing but chess fun and entertainment. Where will it be held? Does it matter? In case it does, it will be at the La Quinta Inn & Conference Center in Davenport, IOWA. Arrive early, stay later, the room rate is an implausible $69.99 per night? Talk to me about private instruction from Simon or Andrew.

For more details read previous blogs or drop me a line. In the meantime, if we have done business with each other, send a TESTIMONIAL which would be meaningful to you (none of this, “It was great” stuff. Too easy.) I have a folder full of past Chess Festival testimonials. I’d love to hear from you again!

Price. Paltry. A pittance. A drop in the bucket. And 25% off on new books AT the event.

Price? Still curious huh? Until the end of June it is $200 (an ultra bargain if I do say so myself). After June it is $250.00 (you’ve been warned!) We could reach SOLD OUT status, so, move your Wazoo!

For more details and info about these exciting events send your name and email address and I will send you a full issue of the June issue of Bob’s News Letter. No charge. Opt in to be a Blog follower and every time I publish something new, about this event, you will get it.

Look forward to hearing from you even IF you are a member of Procrastinators Anonymous.

Best regards,

Bob Long

P.S.: That’s



  1. I feel this Chess Festival is history in the making. This being the last one is an end of an era. Many of us in Wisconsin know Bob as the guy who used to give up his Thanksgivings to spend it in a downtown hotel in cold Milwaukee to sell his books. He did the chess community a service in so many ways I would have to write a book on it. I still have chess pins and stamps I bought from him, made the hobby fun. His stories are many and I hope besides the Chess Pros that give lectures there Bob will reminisce on some of his best stories on the chess road.

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