Recently I published an 8 page monograph titled:

the “Hammer” Defends Against the Onslaught of the Perpetually Clueless!

That was not the headline of an article in the British Chess Magazine (1880s!) but it was written by openings geek Edward Freeborough.
Naturally Staunton just couldn’t get off his hobby horse about taunting Paul Morphy who knew the true story and so did many others: that Staunton just couldn’t admit that when “crunchtime” came, he lied about the proposed match with Morphy.
But, besides that, Adolf Anderssen was aghast that Morphy not only beat him, but beat him badly. That Morphy lost against Anderssen’s 1.a3 seemed to mean nothing to Morphy, Anderssen had to work very hard for that win.
All this and more is in the fourth issue of Morphy’s Times & Games. However, in issue #5 the editor, Bob Long, shows something we seldom see: proof by explanation and game that Morphy shattered his opponents (except Staunton, who refused to play him!)
There are 8 pages of combinatorial bone crushing chess. I will send you, FREE, this 8 page PDF written mostly by Edward (Eddie) Freeborough before the existence of Fritz, Houdini, Rybka, or Komodo. But you will need to send me something in an email (write to me at If you are a privacy weenie and won’t give me your name and email address, you won’t get anything. There is no privacy, just delusions of it.
It will introduce you in a light but lively way to Morphy’s Times & Games. To quote Chess Review Editor Al Horowitz, he played “sockdolager chess.” You will also get a free copy of Bob’s News Letter. This is for the brave soul who likes his chess rough but interesting.
Finally, getting inquiries about the Chess Festival in October because of a mistake! That is, the display ad in Chess Life ran fine, but it was too late for the Classified Ad which was supposed to go with it, and which will appear next month. Pay attention because I didn’t!
LIfe’s good. In my recent 30% oFF sale I sold a veritable boatload of books. But since there was no profit in that, not gonna do it again.
Read this blog twice, get something out of it. Recently I bought a Marketing DVD which will mostly likely prove to be valuable. I have listened to it probably 6-8 times and almost EVERY time I listen to it, I hear something NEW I had missed I suspect that is true of most bits of information read, heard, or seen. And for that reason alone we remain ignorant until we wise up.
Over and out
Bob Long


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