We are in an ADD world.

In the past several weeks I’ve been getting lots of questions on THE MORPHY THEMED CHESS FESTIVAL this coming Oct. 23-24 and the benefits of joining the MORPHY INNER CIRCLE CLUB. Lots.

If I could translate queries into registrations and subscriptions it would show I am on the right track, on one hand, and the fact that I’ve given this info out a number of times already, on the other hand.

Since then I have been telling inquirers to be patient and that a full-fledged document is coming soon.

The reality is, to write such a thing is unbelievably time consuming, trying to cover all bases and knowing “that’s not realistic.” A mind-bender.


It’s like going through your daily “web sweeping” routine: ChessBase, the News, and for sports fans, checking out ESPN.

You do some work and a short while later, maybe 15 minutes later, you go through some or all of this ritual again.

QUESTION: Did you take ANY action on any of those web sites? The statistics say, No, you haven’t!

Take this Blog for example (which some call it my WEBSITE but it is not a web site). It’s just News from this end of the Chess Butler, but until I get a real web site going, calling it a web site is fine with me.

I’ve said to many, just go ahead and subscribe to Morphy or register for the Chess Festival, and get all the questions over with. Not doing so is putting your self on the low priority list because I can’t write to everybody but I can write to and for those who, early on in the “picture”, took ACTION. I’m an ACTION person. My “weakness” is taking so many actions simultaneously that my world grinds slowly to a halt.

What I am going to do RIGHT NOW is take a 1-2 hour nap this Sunday. When I get up, I will be ready to fill out my Passport application. Then pack Bill’s order he paid for. Finish up my Sales Taxes (overdue by 3 days). Then I plan a “manifesto” to show my Morphy Times & Games clients another list of benefits they are eligible for. One new subscriber joined the other day and bought an extra coin for his 9 year old son who has become a “freak for chess.” I remember that time frame but I was 11. You can get an extra one for $35 if you so desire, but, the number available are decreasing and I do not plan to do any more of them.

Thus, priming the pump continuously. I know that is expected of me, but if potential clients don’t take actions, NOW, I won’t have the money and TIME needed to perform the required tasks expected of me as they are all prioritized. Let me give you an example. I am getting lots of questions about the CHESS FESTIVAL but no registrations… so, how can I concentrate on IF? Business wise an “if” isn’t the same as raising money to make things happen. So if your priority is high but you aren’t doing anything, then my priority is to go work on something else.

Those who have registered will get info on everything they need to know.


Here’s an example:

1. Are you limiting the number of people who can play in the simul against Simon Williams and Andrew Martin? This is not a good question since: a) No where did I mention I was “limiting”; b) If I am giving out FREE Morphy Coins if we get at least 60 registrants up to a maximum of 75, this implies something…there will be room for at most 75 registrants. I said the playing in the simul was FREE as opposed to $10 per each player in the past. Thus the implication is that we could possibly have 75 players in the simul. Inferred, not stamped in Gold! Chess people are supposed to be logical.

I have asked on several occasions in my newsletter (BNL=Bob’s News Letter for 2015) and in these Blog spewings to let me know if you are coming so I can know how many chess sets and boards to have on hand ANDDDDDDD…what happened? So far no one has told me they are playing. Why? Who knows but I expect some are wusses and won’t play if the games are going to be King’s Gambits. What a panty-waist excuse if that is true? Have they EVER done anything just for FUN? What are your real expectations and chances of beating Williams or Martin NO MATTER WHAT IS PLAYED? Pretty close to zero unless you have about a master or above rating. One master has already registered.

Why did people sign up to play Fischer? Fischer did it for the money. His customers did it so they could say “I played Fischer.” Point is you can still SAY it even if you can’t prove it, so it helps to have credibility. What will playing Simon Williams get you? Mirth. What it is like to meet a savage attacker? More funny business. One of the top chess commenters in the world. A master author. A redhead (the “ginger” part of GingerGM). A player steeped in theory.

2. What openings will Simon and Andrew be talking about? Even I don’t know that yet, just knowing that they will. For example, I don’t play 1.c4, the English Opening. BUT, I saw a lecture given by GM Alexei Woijtkiewicz on a game he played with 1.c4 at a Wisconsin Chess Camp, and it was absolutely brilliant. I still don’t play 1.c4 but much chess understanding of strategy and tactics came from the “Polish” lecturer. We live in a “spoon fed” me me me society and it’s depressing because even after a mouthful of goop (spoon fed) we still don’t do any better at anything. We just want to get our “money’s worth.”

Let me digress. This morning, after church, I went to my local grocery store and ordered breakfast. While eating I saw a guy I know get the $10 brunch. This dude is fat but has a nice singing voice in the choir. He loads up his plate with biscuits and gravy, fruit, bacon, etc. Then when he has polished off that, he goes back for the stuff that’s “good for you,” salads, etc. He wanted to get his “money’s worth,” instead, he got $15-20 worth…but just to be sure. Point is, get what you need and you will no doubt be satisfied and have room to try something new, or learn something.

I know from past experience, there are those who will learn something new that they never expected to hear or learn by going. These are the curious. While curiosity may have Killed the Cat, the cat was no fool, he knew he had 8 more lives!

The less time I spend on answering questions the more time I will have to plan BIG for the Festival. Pretty sure this will be the LAST one on a LARGE SCALE. No more multiple celebrities, big todos, giveaways, etc. I may have small Soirees, or party groups of 6 people. The ticket will be in the neighborhood of $750 but it will be a “private” extravaganza so that I can pay a celebrity what he is worth.

But I wanted to give everyone a chance to go out in a blowout. Jump forward, take the bull by the horns. That kind of thing. Instead I hear people preparing 6 months in advance an excuse in case something happens at the last minute. One of the very FIRST things I announced was a full refund if notified at least 30 days in advance if something mind blowing makes you feel like you can’t come. Believe me, and I mean this seriously, I have heard almost every bullshit reason since 1998! And most of them are gutless. There’s always somebody getting married, dying (that one is irreversible!), job changes or losses, etc. That’s the way life is. If I spent (in advance) say $1000 or $1500 to go see Ricky Jay in upstate NY, I would be going, period. I don’t care if my nephew is getting married (which he is but two weeks before the Chess Festival!) or almost anything else… it is about prioritizing commitments. If people don’t really care about YOU why do you worry about them? I don’t understand that. I am sure that some 1963 alumni get together will happen for my college in October. Too bad, my chess people mean more to me. Did I matter to anyone at this boy’s college in the sixties? I went to my 10th or 20th and the only people I saw who were there I didn’t know or, they had ignored me. Life’s short to put it bluntly. Get your chess fix while you can. There may not be a Next Year for some of us.

If I could bring Paul Morphy back to life, I would be standing right next to P.T. Barnum and urging him on in the New Orleans cemetery! What a story that would make! It would be like Bill Maher insulting Garry Kasparov!

I will be working in the next month on jacking up registrations. Like the first people who registered, the next ten who send in their $200 will still get preferred seating and possibly a lap dance by Shania Twain (and you MUST know I am kidding about Shania!) I have to put such a disclaimer in — in case Rip Van Winkle would take me to court since he wouldn’t know who Ms. Twain was.

So…. keep watching these pages, you will learn something, hopefully.



P.S.: To re-quote William Shatner’s Priceline ad, “I know people who know people.” I know a chess master who would 100% come to the Chess Festival if I promised I could get Shania Twain to come and play him chess while singing one of her songs! For him I would have a special ticket price, $1,000 and you know what? I know he’s got it. A memory for the next ten years.

SAY WHAT? Why not send $29.95 to subscribe to “Bob’s News Letter” for 2015. And this way you will get the scoop on everything for 2015 and have fun reading the thing. I hear from those who read my “stuff” every month and it sounds to me like they have learned how to love life. Let’s get it on for October 23-24 and see what Simon “Sez” Williams, Andrew Martin, and Macon Shibut can SHOW you! $200 NOW. $250 starting July 1 up to the event IF we haven’t sold out.


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