Over a year ago I promised a new book, The Nimzovich Defense.

Then the subject disappeared!

Later I mentioned that I had lost my chapter on my games. Couldn’t find my database which included most of my annotated games, about 60 games. Disappointing to say the least and a lot of work I didn’t want to do over again.

Sometime later I was working one evening when I found them by accident.

Being frank I said to myself, “One thing I didn’t LIKE about ChessBase is the way they handled database management. Sometimes stuff would just disappear OFF the grid. Plus it asks if I want to dump a DB and lots of other stupid questions. Why can’t it just put up with a couple hundred databases?”

So, I knew the project was back on and I have been working on it.

But, I bought and loaded Komodo 8 and finally got it to work. I don’t know if CB didn’t bring it up to their usual Fritz Training standard or if I just got STUPID overnight, which I am sure is possible.

I’ll review Komodo 8 some other time, like in BNL, Bob’s News Letter. The engine part works fine but it’s a b—- to set up the layout, never a problem before. I’ve always wondered if ChessBase’s “design team” had all their oars in the same ocean.

But, the book will still be $35 even though I have added NEWLY annotated games from 2009 through most of 2014. Maybe a dozen games or so and even some coverage of the Colorado Gambit. You might consider “playing” with that. Has great “screech” value. Always nice to have something new. Lots of “old theory” has been erased and replaced by stuff designed to keep those who are always experimenting back on their heels. The series (if I do another book) is designed for players with under a 2200 Elo rating.

I recommend it as a weapon for Black to catch White scratching his a– and his head at the same time!

Maybe it will be done by the end of June. The artwork is finished and it will have 150-200 pages, something new, something different, something mean. White starts out with an advantage but much of the time he just can’t hold onto it. AND, along the way you will get a great “meal” by eating White’s lunch.

$40 will include shipping anywhere in the US of A.

Yes, it is finally coming to the ranch after a year. Thanks for your patience. How many games? I haven’t counted them yet but I think it is about 70 or 70+. From Miles, Ian Rogers, myself, and some other dudes.

Ride ’em cowboy. or 563-271-6657.


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