Andrew Martin has more chess irons in the fire than a Western cattle rustler! He’s busy, in spades plus, more spades. So we are glad to have him. He likes it here. He can’t be reached except by his iPad.

He’s edited, spoken, monitored, refereed, and coached chess players and future world champions. And… he’s been in chess countries all around the world.

When he’s just sitting around “relaxing,” he’s also a gourmet cook, music lover, and from what I understand, very keen on the game of cricket and he swims almost every morning!

Those are the non-chess things.

At this moment he is an accomplished International Master. After he had gotten his first leg toward the GM title he soon discovered he had 4 great kids. One of them already out of the university system. Two others are working. And one is a special needs young lady.

Now Here’s a Scary Thought

He has a photographic memory, or at least nearly so. He discovered this for sure when in 2004 he set a Guinness Record for Playing 321 players in a simul and could still identify players by their faces when he ran into them on the street! He usually remembers those in attendance from previous events! Imagine, it’s a fan favorite to be remembered.

That was one record, here are a couple more: He’s done over 100 DVD’s and videos! He has a special YouTube channel with over 500 subscribers and well past 1,000,000 views. That is amazing!

At this time he is coaching in ten schools (he’s tough) and has several strong young prospects and county squads. Does he leave any stone unturned?

He’s had a number of best-selling books including one for Thinker’s Press (King’s Indian Battle Plans). He’s been all over the world with the England Youth Team to major international events. He’s a young 57 and exclaims, “There’s not enough time in the 24 hours day.” That is, there is not enough of his to go around.


Andrew has been coming to Davenport since 2004 when he was one of our invited guests for Chess Festival IV? He likes Davenport and relaxes with swimming, eating and drinking at Greatest Grains and the Filling Station. He fine tunes his presentations while here and gets the girls at one of the local banks to flirt and giggle with his accent! He does a great Michael Caine.


Do you recognize some of these names? Could you supply their first names? There may be a test.

Ivanov, Sax, Rogers, Mestel, Parker, Alburt, Csom, Murey, Meduna, McNab? Martin is a Killer at chess–he’s beaten them all. I suspect he will team up with Simon at the simul, and provide spills. He is not an 1.e4 player so don’t use that as your excuse for not playing. And by the way, the last excuse is removed when we tell you there is no fee for the simultaneous event! You can, however, have the board and men signed for $15 and taken with you if you play in the simul. There WILL be other events too (called “Lectures.”)


Want to see how he does it (beat GMs?) Anyone who wants to “see” Martin’s strength can ask for a copy of those 10 games in ChessBase format of course. Drop me an email. While you are at it, you might want to sign up instead of putting it off. Would help calm me down if that matters to you. You don’t want a jittery host do you? It so happens that Andrew plays for Guildford, the current English champions, when he can. He makes his strong forte as “group coaching” so you will get to see some of that in action… and he’s very good at that. Says he has worked with groups of all ages, sizes, and shapes to strong effect (he’s a heckuva coach).

Andrew told me that he thinks Thinkers’ Press events are always well-planned and highly entertaining. I have a feeling there will also be lots of LAUGHS and lots of PLAY. And… it is our job (especially mine) to take care of my guests. I hope you think I do. Bring your camera.

If nothing else, and I am sure there will be a lot more, the room rates are amazing at $69.99 per nite. I would advise you to get your reservations in now as Summer in the Quad-Cities is very busy. There are events EVERY weekend. Call the staff at La Quinta Inn & Convention center at: 563-359-3921. They have breakfast every morning, an indoor heated pool, free wi-fi, laundry, and a fitness center. King rooms / double, and Queen rooms. Take a LOAD off.

Ticket prices at this stage of the game is a small amount as big events go, $200. Register early for both the hotel and the chess festival.

P.S.: When you call they will give you the Special Rate when you give them the “secret handshake” which is any variation of the phrase “Morphy Chess Festival of the Quad Cities.”

P.P.S.: All kinds of the usual payment methods are accepted. You can contact me (Bob Long) at info@chessbutler.com or 563-271-6657.

P.P.P.S.: The picture of Andrew was provided by Bob Woodworth through CHESS magazine with permission from Malcolm Pein. ©2014.



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