Simon Sez will be part of Simon K. Williams “show” which comes to town in October for the Morphy Themed (and others) event at the La Quinta Inn & Convention Center.

I’m going to write a little bit about GM Simon Williams today. What a guy! He’s keen on coming to the States (his first time) and showing you some cool stuff. I’ve already been getting questions (please submit for Simon, Andrew Martin, or Macon Shibut.) Here’s some things from his Wikipedia Page and … expect more from Kim himself, soon.

In 1993 he won the British Junior Squad Under 12 Championship. Got his IM title in 1998. He got his final norm for the GM title at Hastings 2007/2008.

He was born in 1979 in England. But he’s coming to see US!

While he finished 2nd at the British in 2003 and 2nd equal in 2009 I  asked him what he will do when he wins the British and he said, “party all year.” Sounds like a big deal, right? Previous Festival attendee GM Jonathan Rowson won the British Chess Champion title AFTER he came to Chess Festival #3 as well as the World Open title.

A Couple More to Whet Your Appetite!

In 2005 he won the British Blitz Championship. No guy to fool with. In Dec. 2010 he was joint winner with fellow GM Gawain Jones at the London Chess Classic FIDE Rated Open.

Simon’s Company (with IM simon Ansell)–GingerGM

Some excellent DVDs (the best I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them!) We want to get his videos with the “boxing girls” too!

He’s written or co-written a lot of books on chess too as you will see when you get to the Chess Festival V in October. His newest play the Dutch is scheduled to be here the first week of April!

In the world of chess DVDs he’s done some amazing ones. I laughed through his Play Like Tal. For French Defense enthusiasts you have to have The Killer French Vols. 1 and 2. Then for you Sicilian fans (maniacs) he put out two volumes on the Sicilian Dragon. His most recent, on the King’s Gambit (2 vols.), has done well for ChessBase in Hamburg.

His website is: — in other words the website of the redheaded Grandmaster.

What S. Williams books have I liked? The ones where he sets out to show you how to CRUNCH the opposition of course!

Such as (there are many more than these):

Improve Your Attacking Chess

How to Crush Your Chess Opponents

How to Win at Chess–Quickly!

Attacking Chess: The French: A Dynamic Repertoire for Black

If you are flying in, you’ll go to the Moline International Airport, very modernized.

We have a fantastic rate from La Quinta Inn, $69.99 / night! That’s unbelievable!  The CODE word is the Morphy Chess Festival for the Quad Cities. Call them: 563-359-3921.

One Final ThAng

Grandmaster Simon “Sez” Williams is going to do a book with Thinkers’ Press!! And as part of the Philosophy of all TPi Chess Festivals you can send questions to us we will pass on to the gang ( They will autograph and we will allow photos. The simul will also be a big deal too friends. If you work for a company that will pay for you ticket, you have convinced them that a brain fueling will be good for them, right! Right!


This is not a million dollar vacation but you will feel like it is when you are done! Experts and more experts brought to you by Bob Long and Thinkers’ Press (since 1973!). Producer of 4 previous chess festivals, 6 clinics and several outliers as well as many chess tournaments.

Give Your Life a Rest and Your Brain a Refresh–FUN All the Way!

*** Call Bob today at 563-271-6657 ***

 P.S. This beautiful picture of Simon was taken by GM Stuart Conquest in Bobby Fischer’s chair used in the 1972 Match of All Time in Reykjavik, Iceland. The cost of a ticket at this time is $200 with the option to increase it as we close in on the actual date.



  1. As a person that has attended one of Bob’s chess “festivals”, “clinics” or whatever in the past, I can wholeheartedly say, it’s a really good time. And best of all, I didn’t lose a single rating point. Now, Mr. Simon Williams, about those “boxing girls” …

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