Most of my life I’ve been involved in chess, primarily through the reading of it or about it. For example, I have books in the bathroom, near my bed, and all over the rest of the house. I do not like to WASTE my time, but sometimes I have. Then I draw on experiences, things I have read and make comparisons. Been that way for a long time. Sometimes it’s too cold to jump out of bed, get to the shower, so I lie there thinking about what has to be done that day to get my ducks in a row! Today for example I am thinking this morning about Los Primos. It’s a Mexican restaurant which has the best commercial tacos I’ve ever eaten. Apparently someone is using something other than their Mom’s recipe! Not all Mom’s are good cooks. When I was a teenager I had a great friend named Jim. We stayed at each other’s houses for overnights. His Mom was nice, smart, and good to us but she couldn’t cook breakfast for jack! Nowadays we find young girls who can’t (or won’t) cook at all. But I Want to Give You a Chance at Really Excellent Knowledge! Some time this year I am going to visit Andrew Martin in London. Here’s where you can help both yourself and TPi out. What prompted this excursion into mental fitness is re-reading Purdy’s My Search for Chess Perfection. Truly, an amazing book which, as it happens, raises plenty of questions in addition to the ones he raises and answers in that glorious book. While in London, my main goal is to find excellent chess writers and to have one or more of them to answer your questions. Raymond Keene will not be on that list! Yes, some think I should take a time out and visit Buckingham Palace and do all the “touristy” things. I am not against that, it would be fun to get some pictures but my job is chess Mr. Bond. I want to know more, do more, and rebuild the Thinkers’ Press brand like in the 1990s.To do that I want to re-engage chess people in the way that grabbed them way back when. Where the books which are published are so good that you will just WANT to have new ones to read! They are so good that even deadbeat resellers will have to have them to meet their own customers’ demands. And in order to get them they will have to actually PAY for them without threatening them with legal actions. So, Here’s Your Chance at Great Content! Starting today, I am accepting questions from this blog’s readership. I will then use these questions to taunt or tantalize people I meet to get them to answer. Maybe GM Danny Gormally for instance. He’s in Google News lately about the “cheating” going on in the chess world. Or even GM Simon Williams on questions about the Dutch Defense (By the way, Simon will be at our Fall Chess Festival this October. If you want to know more about it, contact me: info@chessbutler.com) or something else. Or maybe you have a less innocuous question such as: Why did Chess Review editor Al Horowitz think Howard Staunton’s chess games were not the mark of anyone even remotely approximating ‘genius?’ (Or you can get issue #3 of Morphy’s Times & Games for an answer to that.) One Last Thing — WAVE 3 In what I call WAVE 3 I am still collecting names and email address of people who read this to “invest” (cost? zero dollars) in the Chess IQ Test. Just tell me you want to take it and when it is produced I will email you a copy of it for FREE (incidentally, I have been working on this!) I thought maybe I could get this out this week but realistically it looks like sometime next month). My email address is: info@chessbutler.com My name? Bob Long. Don’t forget, I am also looking for content questions. One or more. No questions on opening theory. You don’t have to do this today, but you know how well procrastination works! As in, not at all. But Deadlines work best, so how about sending me a question or two to pass along say by this weekend, Saturday midnight. Who knows, you might be mentioned in the resulting book(s), I know there are people out there (I am thinking of you Julian as one example) who always have excellent comments.


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