Today I signed the Hotel Contract for the Chess Festival. 3/20/15 kind of early don’t you think? Not really, just one more thing off my desk.

The way I read it, from 1 to 4 people in a room (not all rooms will hold 4 by the way)….$69.99 each night. El Barganzo. In all the years I have done any events, the lowest price per night that I could get was $72.00 I think it was and that was a long time ago.

I told them 50-75 people this time. The candle will burn bright and long (I am hoping… going out on the proverbial limb). I am guessing the block set aside will be 35-45 rooms.

Why not more? I hate to go into that but I am sure someone will sleep in their car (I slept in a hospital when I was young, dumb, and broke). Others will have family of some kind to stay with…whatever. But nowadays they have these things called credit cards… just don’t be crazy.

At any rate here is some perfunctory stuff:

• Call 866-527-1498 and identify yourself as a member of the Quad Cities Chess Festival (or the MORPHY CHESS FESTIVAL). THE RESERVATION BLOCK CONFIRMATION NUMBER IS 6017905.

• All reservation requests should be received BEFORE 10/16/15 (October 16, this year). After that they release the block of rooms.

• The current tax rate in effect is what you will be charged. And in US currency.

• If the number of rooms in the block falls below 70% of what we set aside, the room rates “may” adjust. Am hoping this doesn’t happen. Sign up today Ladies and Gentlemen!! Recently I got information from the Millionaire Open and they have the same concerns. By filling up rooms the rate they get charged for all the space they will need will be affected. This is ALWAYS the great unknown, bodies filling rooms.


• Hot breakfast including waffles, cereals, pastries, juice, milk and coffee. Everyone was spoiled in recent years when we used the Quality inn because they had about 30 different things for Breakfast! But, they don’t have enough room this time for our crowd.

• Free hi-speed internet.

• The beds look great and getting sleep make the difference in having a good time. My daughter calls them “comfy beds.”

• In your room: hair dryer, coffee maker, iron and full size ironing board.

• TV with premium channels! Also movies and video games.

• Guest laundry facilities.

• Swimming pool. It’s a big one length wise.



Every day it seems like I am hearing from one more persons who plans on coming or hopes to reorient their schedule. There is NO time like the present. My three guys (Williams, Martin, and Shibut as well as myself) are champing at the bit. In a couple days I will be sending them a questionnaire to find out more about their presentation and schedule. If we do get 75 people here (the hotel can handle that) I will have some logistical problems (sets and boards for one as I only have about 6 on hand). Booklets on various subjects, scorepads, etc. Quantities. NO u.s.c.f. memberships required. I have to input external data from the banks for the credit card machines to serve you. Etc.


As promised in the BNL (Bob’s News Letter) all my copies of Chess Structures a Grandmaster Guide by GM Rios, have been accounted for and will be shipped today. Thanks to those who acted immediately on this sell out. The distributor for Quality Chess won’t have more until April 24, but I can put you on that list! The discount price will be $22.46. It’s an excellent book!

It’s a runaway best seller and QC didn’t properly plan for this book and will have to do another printing. I will be re-evaluating my chess book discounts this fall. With a straight 25% off it is the best discount deal out there, but it just didn’t bring in the extra business that seemed like such a natural.


The 2010 documents have been found and discerned they are the correct ones. Four hours blown there last night. The new edition will be started today. Artwork for the cover(s) is done. Notice I said the possibility of more than one cover. Should I make one BIG book or two smaller books totalling about 500 pages? I haven’t decided yet. Am thinking of having a few hardcovers done for people who like special things. And of course as an INVESTMENT it will be top drawer!

I have said in my publishings in the past that if you get this ONE Purdy book you will have enough info to become a very good player. But there is one other thing. Robert Jamieson (Australia) has sent me a bunch of unpublished Purdy stuff!!! So you might need TWO books by C.J.S. Purdy! Holy mackerel. I saw the word “secret” used in a few places. THAT always interests me.


AT THE FALL MORPHY CHESS FESTIVAL there will be unexpected things for sale at prices which will make you nuts. In fact, I will arrange to have things shipped to your residence (for a fee) so you won’t have to lug it (them) around.

Most likely there will be a BOXED lunch on both days. I will find out what they charge. The last time we used this caterer (at one of our chess clinics) it got 100% thumbs up.

There will be NO extra charge for playing in the SIMUL this time!! We are still trying to figure how we can configure this.

A few “worry” me because they are scared of playing in a King’s Gambit simul. You’ve got 6 months to prepare which is more than you ever use for your other openings! Right! Besides if you TAKE the pawn you make him do most of the work! Your choice, accepted or declined. Andrew Martin (Mr. Different) said he will get out the books and prep. We already know that GM Simon Williams is a grandmaster King’s Gambiteer. You won’t get many chances in your life time to play such exotic fare. GM Korchnoi said he (Korchnoi) lamented the draws against people at the top of their craft, by other GMs. Was he referring to those who played for a draw against Anand or Kasparov? Anyone know?

You will be able to purchase the board and set and have our celebs autograph them if you want. I’ll make sure we have enough Sharpie pens.

This event will be suffused with Midwest hospitality. No insane traffic jams. No mooches hanging around like happens in San Francisco and Seattle. Generally great weather. This area has over 700 restaurants and eateries for the evening. You get to mingle with real Chess Entertainers.


Our Chess Festivals are like that.

If you are a collector, chess hobbyist, accumulator, we will be able to fill your wheelbarrow, for Christmas, your birthday, and beyond. Anyone who comes to the Chess Festival, Morphy themed, will be on our SELECT customer list. Those who come will be able to get the Morphy Coin at a DISCOUNT. They ARE disappearing, but if you sign up now, I will set one aside for you in case you want one. This COIN, what I call the pain-in-the-ass coin, is a limited edition. While the manufacturers did a superb job, they took about 6 months to get it done!!! Speed is not their thing. I don’t want to use them again and most likely I won’t.

This is a good sized 1.5 inch diameter coin. Any future ones will probably be 1 inch. We may do all great Americans. Maybe. Pillsbury, Fischer, and Capablanca (he’s an American). Did Steinitz get naturalized here? Did Lasker?

Call me: Bob Long (563-271-6657)

There is no time like now. Call me and we can decide how you can pay the Chess Butler.


2 thoughts on “TWO THINGS … MAYBE THREE

  1. Please make a special edition HC in one volume. I am guessing it will sell for $85 to $95. Looking forward to it Bob. I enjoy special edition books more than I enjoy chess sets. That is special edition books that are done up right. Recently I was going through my books and had one where the publisher did not leave enough margin in the center and you almost had to lat it flat and break the spine to read it. The material in it was great but the layout was very poor. I know that doesn’t happen to your books.

    • There was a company, whose name slips my mind at the moment, I think R&D publishing who made all their books that way. Trying to go to the top of the pages edge, and to the bottom and to the inner seam. Unbelievable. Nightmare on Elm Street. I ask myself how I would like to read a good book, and that’s how I do it. To save 30 pages? Stupid. The BEST designed books from folio to layout to design elements and on great paper can be found in Christian bookstores. They feel like since “everyone” in their field produces first class works, they better too.

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