And in a few more days the next edition of Morphy’s Times & Games.

All of this keeps me busy. In no way does any of this lead to the land of Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

However, I get a kick out of chess and its adherents and there maybe a way we can help each other out.


This has nothing to do with solving chess quizzes or problems. It’s about YOUR “take” on you with respect to chess. I envision no more than 10 questions to see where you and I are with respect to the value of chess to either of us.

You can respond by email ( or regular mail. Please do not tie up my telephone line. Encouragingly, ever since I closed my retail store that “problem” has pretty much disappeared.

The IQ TEST is a “painless” way of telling me things of value to both of us.

I remember the days when employees would come to me and ask things like, “Bob, I am having a problem with X-Y-Z, I need some help.” Usually I would respond (at my typesetting business, 14 employees) with, “It’s in the Operator’s manual.” Crazily enough, they would check and by jove, “It was!”

I had read the manual twice so I knew my response was not a bluff.

There are a lot of solutions to chess situations (whatever they are) if one just knows where to look. This IQ TEST will help point in the right direction. And it is FREE! Hard to beat that. Bob Long, the Chess Butler, is a solution to many chess questions, but not all of them. A blanket shooting out of questions like a shotgun is inefficient. Don’t try to figure this out, I don’t know yet myself. This is a “meeting of the minds” type of thing from “stuff” I have learned over lo these many years.

And before someone says “Just Google It” I can show them, literally, a thousand questions in a small time frame that Google can not answer, not even remotely. Google has done a “good job” of making people believe they (Google) are the source for all answers. Total B.S. Google couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands and a light atop a miner’s helmet!

When one does find an answer to a question that is not the same as finding a solution. For example, if someone asks, “How can I play better chess?” If you were fortunate enough to get an answer such as “Study More!” that is not helpful. Study what more? How long? With help? In a foreign language, etc.

For years I have said that people who act or sound boring have just not been asked the right questions. True. Have you ever talked to someone who gave you meandering answers to your questions (besides myself?). Of course. But if you are enlightened and can ask a “meaningful” question of that person, you will get more than you have bargained for and some of it, quite incredible. It’s that way with chess too.

Everyone Knows Something

Yesterday I heard a woman talk on some subject and she was startlingly fascinating. One of the reasons she was fascinating was because of her choice of words. I expected her to say X or Y and instead she said “A.”

Whoa! A new vista in understanding came from me. I did want to know more.

With that idea I envisioned the notion of a Chess IQ test, a pre-qualifier. Not in the usual sense of “Solve this Quiz item in 5 minutes,” nothing like that. Well, I can’t exactly let the cat out of the bag yet can I? That accomplishes little.

Just drop me a line, please be brief and just say, “I am interested in taking the Chess IQ Test.” That’s enough.

Within 10 days you will get the “test” from me. And you can put your answers on a sheet of paper (please be legible. If you don’t know how to do that, you have already failed the “test,” so you don’t even have to respond!) Have you ever run across a test like that?

This is not a Lumosity type test either. It is copyrighted and owned by Thinkers’ Press, inc. It’s from the Thinker himself and Auguste Rodin is not involved. (Note: few sculptors reached the heights Rodin did, and yet the baboons at Paris’ “best” art school never accepted him!)

You may think about chess in a whole new way, in fact, I am sure you will.

(Read the P.S.’s below.)

Bob Long

P.S.: This has nothing to do with “smartness.” That might disappoint those who are as smart as Einstein, but if you ever read anything by Einstein, he was more than smart. If you are no smarter than Elmer Fudd that won’t disqualify you either because even Elmer knew he was after rabbits!

P.P.S.: Will everyone “pass” this test?(Can’t tell you that yet but I doubt it.)  Does the test ask how fat your wallet is? (No.) To find out what is ON this test you have to ask for it. It’s not limited to customers of The Chess Butler.

BONUS: When I am partially or completely finished with the CHESS IQ “test,” (it’s not really a test but I had to give it a name–maybe “qualification” would have been better) I will send you a summary of what I have found out, again, at no cost to you. I hope you will find it interesting.


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