• The manager of the La Quinta Inn & Convention Center had the day off but Monday we should have a CODE for you when you register at the La Quinta for our 5th Chess Festival. It will be $69.95 per nite, not $99, so I will tell you here when that is ready.

• Working hard on the April issue of Morphy’s Times & Games (#3). Big surprise for you on that. Most likely only two games this time but you should see who the contestants are!

• Simultaneous work is going on in my News Letter (BNL) for 2015, #2.

• I am expecting a couple books which have basically gone out of print (no more discounts to resellers). Get these beore the price goes through the roof. Will be mentioned in the BNL for 2015. $29.95 per year includes any back issues.

• In that same issue the winners of the Quiz will be named and paid. The #1 winner I know for sure, Greg Delaney with a whopping 195 out o 200 points. He and several others will also get cash prizes. Answers will also be given in the March issue.

• Prepping another used sales list, #2 for 2015. Get all lists or $19.95 when you sign up. Back issues also sent. Got some great stuff this time around.

Maybe more news later. Got some other thing to do this Friday.


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