Is it be someplace like New Orleans. Twice I’ve had to say NO. I do not know where that came from.

Is it going to have plenty of room? Looks like it. Is it affordable…Yes, in spades. $70 per night?

Is there food nearby? Absolutely. Red Lobster next door, up the street is Applebees, Panera Bread, KFC, and more.

All kinds of other amenities? Yes. Will enumerate them in the coming weeks.


It’s the LaQuinta Inn & Conference Center in Davenport, Iowa. I haven’t signed a contract yet (It was just presented this morning). Earliest I can get to see the remodeled Hotel with wi-fi, and lots of other goodies is at 10 a.m. next Monday… but for people who hold their breath until they know for sure everything, this is just an outline.

Last night I had a dream that everything was going to be OK (big thumbs up). That helped because it reminded me of other Chess Festivals.

Today I got a briefing from Macon Shibut the FIDE Master from Virginia. I will be focusing on the presenters next week. This guy excels!!

Mark Flowers registered last week as well as did Rick Rector. Here’s what Mark wrote today when I was asking for Testimonials (I got one, would like to get more). Here he is ith MORE than just one sentence:

 I am excited to be going to the Chess Festival later this year. I had a great time at the last Chess Festival. What I think was the most memorable was the blindfold simul by Jonathan  Berry. I`m exhausted after 3 games in a weekend tournament and this guy is playing 12 games  simultaneously blindfolded. Amazing! I will never forget Alex Yermolinsky complimented me on my game after I resigned. It meant a lot to me that not only one so above me in chess knowledge and ability would take time to talk to me, but to say how well I did. I have been to most of Andrew Martin`s events and they are always exciting and he is always friendly with all the guests. I have Simon Williams book Attacking Chess the French. I really look forward to meeting him and getting to see Andrew Martin again. I already reserved my spot, since I already know I will have a great time…. Mark”

Thanks Mark. Just one little correction. This is a Bob Long event through the auspices of Thinkers’ Press, at least that is who gets the bills/invoices I pay.

Price is $200 or $50 if you want to put down a deposit. Send $$$ to Bob Long (or info@chessbutler.com for PayPal). Check, Money Order or Credit card is fine.

My address is what it has been for the last 15-16 years: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803 USA.

Would love to have you. Our celebrities promise a great time!

Best regards,

Your emcee, Bob Long


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