I have a headache. Whew!

I looked at a number of web site making sites and I came away with this notion:

there are NO 5 minute websites!

Reading all the different possibilities and changing from this to that, etc. will easily blow an hour and accomplish zip.

I know a lot more than I did last week, and I am not 100% convinced that with my inventory AND details that this will be easy. I’ve worked on a number of these web tools over the last couple years and let me tell you… if someone says it’s easy or they can have it up in no time, they are full of barn poop.

But, I am committed to making something happen. To my friends who are looking forward to a Chess Butler website, you have no idea what you are asking. You are really saying that for a guy who already has no life, this web site will make it better, I am willing to take bets! It’s all about SALES not glamour, not pushing buttons. When someone buys an item, it takes as long to service one item as it does 5.

There are some well meaning friends out there, and I love them, but don’t get rid of ordering by emails just yet. I have picked up more good and lasting friends from emails than anyone ever will from a website. Website warriors are in a hurry or looking for something to glance through while they are making up their minds.

I have had a couple good-great websites in the past and people told me how great they were. They were great for grazing. I had new stuff up right away due to my son Nate (and myself when he wasn’t there) but the truth of the matter? I lost my ass because, let’s face it… as long as the website is there, there’s a tendency of “I’ll get to it later” always persists when it comes to ordering something. There are more chess sellers online than there are customers.

So when I get this website up, which I will in 2015, users will have to use it and not buttress it with emails followed by phone calls. That never made sense to me. Order from the website and then call 15 minutes to a half hour later to see if I got their order. Why not just make the phone call and not use the website at all? Can anyone explain this to me? My staff couldn’t figure it out either.

Most know I don’t have a TV so I will go online for a bit tonight and see what is happening at the Oscars. I heard J.K. Simmons won for best supporting. If you have seen him in the Farmers Insurance commercials you will laugh your butt off.

Have a great Sunday eve. and Monday morning.



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