• Issue #2 of Morphy’s Times & Games should be out tomorrow.

• The antique bronze Morphy Coins will be shipped tomorrow also.

• GM Simon Williams is excited about coming to Davenport, that eliminates anybody’s reasons for not making it.

• Three front row seats have already been sold and held for the Chess Festival V.

• Lots of new books including Tactics Time 2 and the Sveshnikov vs. the Anti-Sicilians (and many more).

• Enter for a drawing of an ebony & boxwood tournament standard chess set. All you have to do is QUOTE the whole ad that is appearing NOW in Chess Life magazine!!!

• Time to Finish up my Special Catalog, which will go to all those who paid $19.95 to make sure they receive all mailings. Those who are Morphy Inner Circle Members are included automatically. I know a few people don’t care until they miss one–then they want me to send one. You will WANT this one because there are some amazing price reductions in the new catalog and you have to get them from the catalog simply because I can’t spend all day looking up prices for lazy people. The internet has made many lazy people. Many of us can remember those days that when we got a new catalog in the mail we would start looking through it before supper was on the table!

A Rubber Derci


Mr. 25/8

563-271-6657 or


PS: More coming, like rain from the middle of Africa or South America.


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