It’s an insanely busy Friday at the Chess Ranch, but I was excited yesterday when Simon replied to my emails.

Today he offered more details and I in turn.

That means FM Macon Shibut, IM Andrew Martin, and GM Simon Williams will be coming to the October Chess Festival! Whoopee!

Yesterday I spent several hours with the Convention and Travel Bureau to make this the best Chess Festival yet. More details will be coming for you.

Tentatively it will be Oct. 23-24, 2015.

The price is not ironclad yet because I have to get out my spreadsheet and work up all the costs. Don’t be surprised if it is INITIALLY $200. That’s cheap, really. But it always depends on how many elect to come. For those who send $200 now, I will honor that. But, most likely it will run to $250. Like I said, I don’t know yet. At the moment I won’t have the time to deal with LAST MINUTE shows (if we even have room!) I prefer to have this locked up by September.

This event has some planning ideas to blow up your mind. (And there will be a simul.) We will start on a Friday morning meaning if you are from out of town, getting here Thursday night would be a good idea, a very good idea. In fact the Visitors Bureau will be working with me and it is always best for their clients if we have the event AT or very near to where sleeping accommodations will be. So, we are working to making it all affordable because it will be all day Friday and Saturday (Oct. 23, 24). We looked into casinos–too expensive–way too expensive.

Williams is pretty excited as he hasn’t been to the USA before and he may be playing at the Millionaire Open in Las Vegas so we are hoping for some commentary from him on that event. The lectures? A couple super surprises coming.

We are counting on 50-75 attendees. If we get the upper end, another surprise is in the wings. I can’t tell you everything right now except to note that WILLIAMS is an acknowledged expert of the King’s Gambit, the Dutch Defense (just like Morphy was), and the French Defense. You couldn’t ask for more. He got his GM title in 2009. He’s fresh!

He’s a renowned writer of many books and co-creator of the DVD company GingerGM, which in my opinion produces the best DVDs in the chess world! I am not exaggerating with one of the most fun being PLAY LIKE TAL! We will have his merchandise on the premises for sale.

More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, send $50 to HOLD yourself a place. If you send $100 you will get a place held and a front row seat (limited to the number we have).

I can honestly say that we will promote this one to chess clubs, tournaments, our mailings, and hope you will tell your friends (and we will have some deals there too!). I seriously believe this could be a SELL OUT. Our three celebrities are all excited about coming. Andrew Martin will also be offering some tutoring time for those who are interested (contact me, Bob Long)


Bob Long

563-271-6657 or info@chessbutler.com


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