If you have been reading my newsletter, the best way is to subscribe to the MORPHY INNER CIRCLE KLUB. It costs $270 but the sum of the benefits is more than the $270 fee! So there is that. About $45-50 in savings.

Since those who skim my newsletters miss quite a bit, I will be listing the benefits from time to time once again. And maybe even add a new one or two.

Howard Hugger, from California signed up today using the system I had developed about breaking it down and paying for it in pieces. Howard has to watch his limited income wallet but he told me it works out over several months. Howard is a sharp guy.

With the Morphy Chess Festival coming up this Fall, if you are a M.I.C.K. member you can save big on the entry fee, whatever that is going to be. Today I was out scouting possible places, costs, and so on, so knocking $25-50 off the entry fee could be meaningful! The place I looked at today was fancy, had lots of parking, and late night casino action after WE are done! But, while the rooms look nice on the web, it is movable walls–not my type of place yet they had the kind of tables all of us chess players recognize (sometimes that is a problem, we don’t want round or skinny tables). They have some great eating places too. I will be putting all of the info on a spreadsheet and try to figure out what the cost will be for you and us.

Apparently, weddings are big in October! Who knew? These casinos, from what I can see, make a lot of dough off of weddings, conventions, and food and they make us pay! They love to serve food to the attendees. As I observed one other time, this can be great, or a nightmare like one time when one of the attendees invited his whole family to come for the great buffet and we weren’t paid. Clearly he misread the brochure and he called himself a chess player?


It seems that our computer network is working once again after 5 days of bad behavior and buying a router and a switching unit for the network. A little frustration on my part, but it seems like the printers, computers and such are back up. So I am ready to take your 25% off orders…AND… this week we are expecting more merchandise (new).

While setting up my renewed business I was often left holding inventory that was paid for but not selling. So lately  my orders are a little tighter to my vendors and we run out of things. With a straight 25% discount now you can afford to purchase sooner than perhaps you have in the past. PLUS, there no longer is a Gold Card to get the bigger discounts though a MORPHY card is coming which is good for that Klub and the 35% discounts plus other benefits.


Over a year ago I got a gold coin in my mailbox from King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. I was one of his Knights and this was one of those mementos. The artwork was average but on the other hand it was too much to put on one coin. I spent $600 per year for this fellow’s Newsletter which I avidly read as soon as it comes in the mail! His coin was gold-plated since he gives away stuff like this every year, maybe twice a year to remind us, he says, that he has “our back.” Mine is gold-plated too, better casting though we got ours from the same company. Mine was made with Augustus Sage in mind, the original. And mine was engraved on only one side, and thicker, as a memento, defined as a remembrance. Once they are gone I doubt if I will make anymore. Then they will end up on eBay at some unbelievable price when you can have it right now for a big box of KFC! I love the brass one too. These are the things that will outlast us. If you join the $270 Morphy Inner Circle Klub you get one as part of your membership, worth almost $50.


The lady at the casino asked for the name of the event. The Morphy Chess Festival it is. We’ll also have prizes (chess related but not likely books or DVDs). Carol gave me the suggestion as my brain is temporarily burnt to a crisp. In fact, if there is no snow this Friday, I may be traveling north to Dubuque, IA to get some skinny on Louis Paulsen, one of Paul Morphy’s great opponents!

Stay in touch, I will probably have something in this blog frequently about everything. Recently I announced a $50 deposit for the Morphy event and I still have that. Now I am announcing a $100 deposit to hold a front row seat for you! I remember one of my events where we had “favorite” seating and one guy was trying to worm his way into the front row without helping us like the other folks did. Apparently he didn’t know I wasn’t afraid to ask someone to move to the end of the line. This was OUR event, not his. I’m giving Chris Kyle a special chance to reappear and help me to keep the unusual ones in line.

2002 was our greatest event, 55 PAID. This time we are trying for 70 because the first thing the Banquet people ask is HOW BIG OF A ROOM DO YOU WANT?

Stay in touch, OK?


25/8 chess guy. … or 563-271-6657

I love talking to you guys. Give me a ring. Not a Super Bowl Ring.

P.S.: New books coming including two new titles from Quality Chess. Joel Benjamin’s new book is not out yet either!


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