A couple kids, Ashton and Ray (girl), were beating on my door this morning. They cleaned off my sidewalks, my car, and the space around my “snowed in car.” Great job.

Then, I go see someone about my router. Works on and off, mostly off.

Then I look at a place which I think everyone will like, for the Morphy Festival this October, tentatively cast at Oct. 23-24.

The new Morphy publication is ready to go. Mailing Coins later this week.


That the great Louis Paulsen spent some years in Dubuque, IA as a farmer and most likely chess player too? Originally from Germany he is the feature article in Morphy’s Times & Games with Paul bringing up the rear with his 8 blindfold games in London. Of course part of the Paulsen article is about his relationship with Morphy.


One of my chess friends lives in Dubuque and I will be asking him about the DBQ library before I go to visit, hopefully this week, despite the snow.

And I wanted to tell you about a MONSTER BARGAIN. The first issue of Morphy’s Times & Games was going to be 12-14 pages. But it didn’t seem like enough, so now it is 22 pages. That’s a lot of copy. Then a long while proofing and correcting with help from Roger Sadeghi in far off Switzerland.

Here’s the good part. The first issue, the premium issue, is only $9.95. Yes, call me crazy. People know, by now, that Bob Long (me) doesn’t put out poor quality stuff for $9.95. But my mission is to once again get you excited about, in my opinion, the greatest player of his era and maybe other eras too! More of this will unfold as the months go by. I have articles ready to go for the first three issues. One person said he didn’t think I could come up with 12 issues worth. But you know what? Not a problem, really. TIME is the problem.

More very soon on another possible celebrity for this event. Stay stewed, I mean, tuned.


563-271-6657 or info@chessbutler.com

P.S.: I’m getting by with a little help from a friend. I am going to have some gift prizes at the Morphy event. Nice stuff, all chess related! Some of them are gorgeous. Maybe we can get some sponsors too!

PPS: I know about the Millionaire Open a few weeks earlier. I’m not going. I know about the Sinquefield before that, I am going, so those are non issue excuses. I like “yes” or “no.” Almost every time I got a “maybe” in the past, they didn’t show, so, let’s be upbeat.


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