The last several days my internet connection has been whacky. I put in a new router. My ISP says the router is the problem.

Maybe not, my ISP does everything with “Auto Jane” or who ever she is.

When did it happen? If you guessed “Right after you paid your bill” you have a great understanding in how the internet really works. No one seems to like my vendor and from my Comcast experience when I lived in Georgia, everybody hates them!

But, as I told Carol, I’ve always (90%) listed my phone number too: 563-271-6657 yet nearly no one uses that.

So, am still trying to work this out.

Know this, at this Sunday evening, when most of the country is watching commercials and football, I will have wound up the first issue of MORPHY’S TIMES & GAMES and with an introductory price of $9.95 for the premier issue #1, sent via PDF to all Morphy Klub members and to those who send $9.95 for the 22 page Sample issue!

AND, what’s coming for issue #2 is electric! Evil in Morphy’s Times is one hi-branded article and you can get that one too if you bought issue #1. Get both for the price of $20.00 (PIA, paid in advance). Fascinating. Singly the two will cost you $25.00. PayPal is OK.
Work is also being done on Bob’s News Letter #189. Watch for Quiz #12.



563-271-6657 or
P.S.: Details (some) about the upcoming Morphy Festival. Andrew Martin is on board, and possibly another expert, Monday or Tuesday, after the snow which is up our wazoo has been cleared. An interesting place if we can pull it off!

PPS: When can I get my website up? Maybe get started this week. Start off simple. See if it works. Am counting on you guys to use it!


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