When I sent out issue #188 of Bob’s News Letter there was one page which had The Truth Serum Report. Years ago when I was publishing the Chess Gazette (of which my newsletter is a spin-off), I reviewed books, thousands of them and would tag the review with a King, or a Rook (as in you’ve been rooked), a pawn, etc. It was like an advance notice of the quality of the book. I intend to return to that again. People told me, in droves, they liked that section as I would often save them money. But that was costing me sales!

On the other hand, my stomach couldn’t handle saying something nice about a POS.

These days I see fewer bad books, consistently.

So my reviews will take a different tone and that is: to emphasis important benefits from what I review. If the “benefits” are weak (like in most children’s books) I’ll try to say something though I seldom enjoy doing beginner’s books. But ONCE in a while, there is the exception. Kid’s like deranged stuff, I know because my 10 year old grandson is an expert at video games and what does he like? Knocking off bloodthirsty zombies!

But, I have seen him play other non-killer videos which are fun and which he likes, so… it is possible. But you kind of have to be a kid to judge them and most authors of kid’s books are adults who don’t know any better, and I don’t want to typify kids in that way.

I won’t tackle every book I get, but try to Truth Serum those I get for review. Those are worth some publicity don’t you think?

I want to include a cartoon with each one and a cover of the product. The cartoons HAVE to be better than most of the artwork on the Everyman Chess books which is beyond CLICHE. Quality Chess put out a line of books called the Grandmaster Repertoire series. The books are good, the covers and their colors are awful. End of story. The Independents usually do better such as Mongoose Press or Chess Stars. Russell Enterprises are the blandest covers ever. No punch, no excitement. Looks like the thickness of their wallet made the decision design for them.

On To Some Other Stuff

Today is my first day in shipping books to buyers with a NEW and BIGGER discount. I am making a big deal out of this not only to get more customers but as a WARNING. Simply this: Once readers of this and my sales letters hit themselves between the eyes with this information there is a possibility I may be out of the titles they want and have to reorder!

Over the years I was a fairly good judge of how many books to order so that my bookshelves wouldn’t be sagging with unwanted and unsold copies! Now that the discounts are bigger, what I have will disappear faster, but as of yet I don’t know HOW MUCH faster. So you might be left behind, like the movie with Nicolas Cage which I saw last week.

No one has properly managed to know exactly how many copies of a book to print or we would all be rich (really?) So, that is not an exact science. In 2016 there may be a biography of CJS Purdy because I am getting all kinds of cooperation from members of and near the family in Australia. I want to entitle it, THE BEST CHESS TEACHER IN THE WORLD. How will it do? Honestly, I can’t say but I hope to get the publicity out in Australia first. The book will have pictures of the Grand Old Man few have ever seen!

What Else?

My good friend Steve Schooley sent in a nice sized order today via phone. And during our conversation he said “I noticed I hadn’t seen anything on your Blog in over a week!” In other words, he needed a fix. I am sure there are one or two who don’t like seeing I am “pushing something to sell.” Too bad, just don’t read me and you will no longer have that problem.

Most of my Blogs will have something informative as well as something to sell. Tonight, however, I am going out to the movies with a ret. Master Sgt. to see “American Sniper.” Tomorrow I will finish filling orders.

But in the meantime I am still emailing out copies of #188 Bob’s News Letter for those who would like to check it out and it is FREE. Hope too many don’t wet their pants over that, all they have to do is tell me they want a copy and usually within an hour I will have one off to them. But now I am heading out for lunch so wait until this afternoon if you will.

One More Thing

In the first issue of Morphy’s Gazette I will be featuring one of Morphy’s foes. Won’t tell you who yet because, he was a bad boy! That is, he shot off his mouth in a condescending way about Morphy (so, it wasn’t Howard Staunton). And of course you know what happened next. They played a match and Morphy pounded him into primordial ooze. He played another match (with someone else) and got waxed so bad he should have been sent to Wisconsin for a Johnson & Johnson treatment. This will become kind of fun. There are at least 10-12 benefits from joining the Morphy Inner Circle Klub but it will cost you $270 ($295 less a $25 discount). I wanted to tell several guys who want to join that I will be charging their card, probably tomorrow. I’ve just been swamped writing publicity pieces and all that is outlined in the FREE #188 issue, yours for the asking.

If you are asking yourself, “How can he justify that?” You’ll just have to read about it on pages 2 and 5. The newsletter itself. If you want to buy it separately it is $119.95 and will run 14-16 pages each month for 12 months. If it gets made into book form (probably) down the road you will be able to get it for half price plus probably some other goodies BECAUSE you were a subscriber! Maybe something by Wyatt Earp (of which my aunt who is a geneaologist told me I was a relative) and how he would handle Morphy’s “bad boy” opponents. You just have to wait and see.

Call or write Bob: or 563-271-6657. Either works but I have one of those cell phones which are only good for 400 minutes per month so we will keep it to the point, OK? Hey thanks.

P.S.: I’ve seen any number of Sam Elliott westerns and always liked him including TOMBSTONE. If he played chess wouldn’t it be cool to have him as a Guest at a Special Event? Talk to me brother.

PPS: Books at 25% off and no need to buy a Gold Card for 2015. If you want discounts of 30-35 (and who wouldn’t?) you need to join the Morphy Inner Circle Klub. Don’t bitch and moan, just join.


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