That’s who I talked to, my Mom, when I wanted to use the car in High School because my Dad would give me the third degree. Similarly it wasn’t that uncommon for a sister to ask Dad to borrow the car. Same thing in my house my daughter would ask me for something and my oldest son Rob would ask his Mom. We just didn’t have our sea legs yet to do what we should do, namely, just ask and let the chips fall where they will.

If you think you haven’t had an issue of Bob’s News Letter lately just ask me. Today a customer got his latest issue #188 (he was a PAID subscriber) and he asked if he had missed the last two. I just went right ahead and sent what I thought were the two missing issues. He responded that he got them.

Why is this so important? Well, he has missed two issues of reading and I’ve missed two issues of possible sales. Honestly, publishers don’t do this on purpose and it is a really good reason to get a website up. But the things I want to have first on my MUSE account I haven’t found available yet. I know I will but then we have a problem with who has access and who doesn’t. So someone has to input PAID data. Would that be me? What happened to those books and newsletters I was working on? Hmmm.


Last night and this morning I unleashed my biggest surprise in years. In this year of 2015 there will be no regular “gold” cards. So everyone who usually gets one just SAVED $50.00!! There is no Chess Butler and Gold Card distinction. Now everyone gets a 20-25% discount. Most will get 25%. The two exceptions were for McFarland and Russell Enterprises because we make less money than usual when they ship to us. I noticed one of my competitors stripped his prices to 25% discounts. Not too original, so you will have to figure we might offer a bigger discount for another but different card and you would be correct!

But, quite a bit of this information was supplied in the latest issue (#188) REALLY! Check out that issue by requesting it. You can call me (Bob) at 563-271-6657 or sending me an email. I will mail you FREE issue #188 of Bob’s News Letter with all the details and specs. All you have to do is request it. I’m not as tough as my DAD to talk to. Actually I’m easy to talk to. Keep it honest, keep it short, but keep it complete. If you don’t believe me, I can give you a list of people who talk to me. It’s a shame some people cannot talk to others. See my first paragraph.

It’s known that some people are so nervous (afraid) about public speaking they would rather die (!) than be in front of a crowd talking. The only reason for this which I can surmise is FEAR OF SCREWING UP. Believe me, people have screwed up for years and the world goes on. Some screwups are funny and I like funny.

However I want to introduce you to a NEW feature of my NewsLetter for 2015. It is called “The Truth Serum Report.” It should get you relaxed, informed, and maybe have a chuckle or two about new books, and they will be graded by Rapid Robert. Just another benefit of reading that newsletter. Only $29.95 for 12 issues. Order your sample, #188, today.

At — no cost.

Be sure to put in the subject line: Send BNL188.

Everyone here thanks you: Brianna, Leslie, and Bob.


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