Do you want to be entertained?

Do you want Chess Tips?

Do you like stories about chess and allied things?

Do you want my perspective on things?

Do you want me to do all these things and not have to pay for it? (Answer: I thought so.)


Could you see Bobby Fischer writing a blog for free? I didn’t think so. When he wrote for Boy’s Life for the Boy Scouts of America, he was paid.


1. THE GUY OR GAL who likes to look at their “mail.” Their ego. Their mirror. Getting caught up with people liking them. I knew a very strong chess player who wrote a couple books. He sold most of them on Amazon. He would check his stats every day, sometimes more than every day, to see how he was doing. It was as much about the “royalties” as to see his name on a marquee. I thought this was disgusting and really egocentric. Oh they don’t mind answering questions it feeds their ego. “Oh wait a minute, I have to check my Amazon ratings and see if I am still top dog.”

2. THE GUY OR GAL who wants to make some sales (i.e., money for their efforts.) I’m not bashful, Blogs are a giant TIME SUCK. When Dan Kennedy does a blog say a couple times a week, usually there is a product included somewhere which may cost $100-400 (or more). He and GKIC has a mailing list of tens of thousands. Imagine selling to just 3-5% of them (which he does) and multiply it out. That’s some pretty serious cash. And he has to make the Blog good so that people will find what he has to say has real value. It does. Same with Dave Dee. If it had no value, I wouldn’t read it. BUT, usually I put something in there for the VALUE part. I got off face book many years ago when I started hearing from people who told me they were going to eat, work on their car, etc. Boring as can be.

Last nite and this morning I mailed out a PDF catalog called “Bits & Pieces” to less than 200 people. Probably 140 or so.

Emails came in last night and later this morning wanting this or that. Everything was 50% off. A super steal not really announced in advance. Some darn good items on the list, which has now been pretty “chewed up.” Basically nothing went to the “junkyard” dog people because 50% off is not enough for them! That’s OK it gave me some great ideas for the next one, and, I am already working on that.


The next one is about dreams and chess magazines. What is you goal or dream? Mine is to own or occupy a great Log Cabin home. The big ones are really roomy. Will it happen? I hope so. Am working toward it.

I want to write a few great chess books so I will need a decent library and I have one. But I get a lot of my reference information from Chess Magazines (unfortunately I sold mine.) I also find new people and places to contact. Of my English contacts I have read British Chess Magazine and CHESS. Of the American publications, probably American Chess Bulletin, and Chess Digest. However, the OLDER American publications were really fascinating as they had anecdotes and nice little things here and there. Even Capablanca had a magazine for awhile. So did Lasker. I’ve read Purdy’s CHESS WORLD.

My friend John Hilbert got lots of source material from newspapers in the US. Then he wove the material into a series of great stories. In his Historical Essays book he refers to Reichhelm and his beef with the dickheads who didn’t want their names published if they lost a game. Imagine then if they won a game and their opponent didn’t want HIS name published. The ego kind of gets deflated doesn’t it?

Topolov in an interview for New in Chess magazine noted : “What is the best thing that was ever said about chess?” Answer: That chess players are intelligent.

Further up the page the comment was: Do chess players have typical shortcomings? His answer was: They think they are very smart.

I thought his answers were smart. Every so often someone asks me what I do; I am somewhat hesitant to say I publish chess materials. When I stub my toe and tell them, it is usually followed with, “Oh that must be hard.” Or, “I never learned chess.” Or “That must be difficult.” Now it might be funny to go along with that, but I don’t. I want to add, “If you knew some of the chess players I know you wouldn’t feel that way.”

The smarter ones are those who subscribe to something and learn something from it. I would like to be able to say that readers of anything are that much smarter than non-readers but that would be stretching it quite a bit because “memory” can sure play some funny tricks on the output of any subject.

At any rate, should you desire this catalog, it won’t cost you a cent. All you have to do is send me an email address and your name and request the MAGAZINE catalog. It should be finished later this week. There will be some other things in it too. For example, I have a set of British Chess Magazines for sale, complete from 1881-2007. All are hardbound except one and I know a hardbound wasn’t issued for the one in that year (nobody has told me why). Got an extra $22,500 handy? My next door neighbors just bought one of those Lincoln’s that Matthew McConaughy advertises. I never thought they had the money for that. See what I mean? If it is something people really want (and their Doberman does too), they find a way to get it. Seldom is “I don’t have the money the real reason.”

This set of BCMs is incredible. Great condition too. I may give away some details this week to tell you more. I once offered it for a lot less and had no buyers at that time (we were in the Great Recession) and it has really jumped since then! Just requires a bit of patience. I also have a great set of King’s Gambit stuff for sale. You could put these together in book form and make your money back by publishing them and a lot of extra. You have to be willing to use some elbow grease. I estimate you could easily triple or quadruple your investment if you weren’t afraid of a little work (lots of people are afraid of that WORK thang.)

But if you aren’t afraid or you want the new catalog, just let me know: info@chessbutler.com

from Bobby B. Long

the 25/8 chess guy!

P.S.: A little news item. Are you retired OR what are you doing? If you were like my Dad, you were busier than you were before! If on the other hand, “Work was your life” when you moved back into your home, you probably are dead and don’t yet know it! If I ever get to retire, I would like to research chess publications and live in a Log Cabin with a woman who appreciates my taste in the finer things of life and who has a sense of humor for knowing me!

Pax Vobiscum (that two years of Latin came in handy didn’t it?)


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