Well, the Chess Butler will have “it”. It will be raining down and more will becoming a week or two later.

From McFarland & Co. did you know they are finally releasing a bunch of their books in paperback? The prices will be similar to the hardcover price BECAUSE these will not be reprinted in hardcover near as I can tell. (Like I’ve said a million times, chess is different, don’t count on or set your heart on anything.)

Here’s a list of restocks in paper with ONE still in hardcover (Reuben Fine). I’ll announce the prices later.

Correspondence Chess in America by Avery, truly, a marvelous book.

Blindfold Chess by Hearst and Knott. Also, remarkable and with a plenty of stories about Pillsbury’s, Alekhine’s, and Morphy’s skill in chess of the blindfold kind.

Tragic Life and Short Chess Career of James A. Leonard 1841-1862 (and rumored to have played Morphy in private) by John Hilbert

Emil Kemeny by Hilbert (quite a magnificent chess player)

Frank Marshall, US Champion by Andrew Soltis

Adolf Albin in America by O. Urcan

and finally

Reuben Fine by A. Woodger, in cloth cover. Excellent book.

During this foray into filling my shelves I have also stocked some Caissa Editions:

Napier The Forgotten Chessmaster by John Hilbert, hardcover. For those who are still interested, but it won’t be $25 or whatever I had it for. Dale only had a couple left. This was one of them.

Essays in American History by John Hilbert. Also hardcover. A tremendous scene of games and stuff BEHIND the SCENES. I dip into this all the time (I have my own copy because John kindly gifted me one for an entry from TPi that appeared in this book. The book contained info about murder, opium, crooks, and… also chess! A fascinating publication. I have one copy.

And there are some restocks and new titles from elsewhere too:

Game of Queens Vol. 3 by Judit Polgar. Hardcover. Already have 4 spoken for.

Classical French Move by Move by Lakdawala.

Secret Life of Bad Bishops by Lund. Very popular.

Bologan’s Black Weapons in the Open Games.

Prices and other information will be given in a few days. For those who WANT these items right now, just let me know. You will get first dibs. Already I know I will be running low on several of the titles such as the Polgar book (which, in my opinion, having gotten an advance review copy) is the best of the three volumes.

Some other Everyman Chess and Quality Chess titles are scheduled soon too.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Merry Christmas,

Bob Long

Mr. 25/8 chess guy


Keep me busy if you need these things. I will be spending Christmas Day at my office. That way I will be so busy I won’t have time to think of other things.

Also, this Friday I should have that Bits & Pieces catalog ready to send out. Maybe it will go out Thursday evening.

I will be ordering some other books too so if you need anything special, let me know.

Thanks again.


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