I suppose I should go out and get some Christmas Shopping done. I don’t even have a list of who to shop for except it always seems like it is more and more. No one seems to know exactly what they want that DOD (dear old dad) can afford.

People aren’t home and in my family, no one is tethered to a phone. So if I call I get the “Leave a mesage” message.

I have so much to do on the chess front that I will quickly tell you about that. I believe Christmas is this Thursday. So Thursday evening or Friday, I will be sending out a “Bits and Pieces Catalog” in an email.

Here’s What Will Be in It!
As I’ve been saying for years, I’ve run out of space and for the last 2 months I have been doing something about it. I’ve been going through papers, some books, and lots of etcetera (ETC, not ECT!) If it has value it has been tossed into a neat pile. Lots of books mostly and priced from next to nothing to, “hmmm” I better look at that!

The advantage is not just the price but the value of Inquisitiveness! That is, “Let me take a look at that!”

The kind of, “Wow, I better check this out. This looks worth reading.” Most of it won’t be on your phone or in your underwear unless you have really strange BVDs.

“What happens when you go to Amazon.com for a book and it isn’t there?” Happens to me a lot. Sometimes I KNOW they have it, but I don’t know why it’s not listed. How do I know, because they are some of my books and can order any they might need from my printer! But it’s difficult to take a chance on ordering the item when it isn’t in their online catalog. These kinds of things give me pause, but I do predict the demise of ANY company who doesn’t keep their eyes on the ball. What ball? See what I mean?

So, I am off to the Mall. I prefer that to Wal-Mart or online for numerous reasons. I won’t bore you except to give you ONE example.

Recently I sent a gift to a friend of mine in Florida. I bought it online like I did last year from a place in Arizona. So far, so good. But this time, I didn’t get an online receipt. I find out there are now 6-8 shops, the same company, some in AZ and others in surrounding areas. So I don’t have a copy of my receipt, order number, etc. And what do the dummies do? They send the gift to ME!! I can’t return it because I don’t know who to return it to. My buddy at the post office says he sees this all the time. The Minimum Wage worker is paying no attention and ships it TO the FROM address! It cost me $3.75 to send it to the correct address, the one I paid $8 for to send it to in the first place! So, I prefer to shop in an actual brick and mortar store.

Look for the PDF in your email next week of gift items, $1-100 items, Bargains, and fun to explore stuff. PLUS, I have something coming up (not the Morphy Project) which “maybe” 6-8 people might be interested in. If I push the envelope some, maybe 10-12.

Have a great Saturday guys.

Mr. 25/8 chess guy


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